Is It Better To Wash Your Hair Upside Down?

Is It Better To Wash Your Hair Upside Down?

     So, since two weeks I have been washing my hair upside down. I bend at the waist, flip my hair forward and wash my hair over the bathtub. The first time I did it was because I was in a hurry and had already showered some hours before. However, I discovered some advantages of washing my hair like this, and have been doing it ever since. Here are the pros and cons of washing the hair upside-down


* It is easier to get to my actual scalp when I scrub my scalp vigoruosly --- without feeling that I'm damaging my hair (especially the hair at the back of the head).
* I actually take more time to scrub my scalp and to rinse, since there is nothing to distract me from my hair.
* I can rinse with quite cold water, since it's not dripping down my back.
* I can apply conditioner, put on a shower cap and go to another room and do other stuff while I wait for the consitioner to work. This means I use conditioners, hair masques etc more frequently since I can use the waiting time more efficiently.
* The back of the head gets extra attention in this position, while shampooing, scrubbing and also when I use rinseas or leave-in conditioner.
* Easier to wash really long hair (if you have it).


* Might be hard for places without removable showerheads (seriously, how do you people in the US survive?)
* Some people have major tangling when they wash their hair this way.
* Might give you back pain.

   I'd suggest trying this method out and seeing if it works for you. Especially if you tend to ignore the back of your head. Or maybe you have already tried washing your hair upside down? Did you like it?

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