Weekend Reads 25-08-2012


      Hi everyone, how did your week go? I have been writing loads of bra posts, enjoying the very hot weather and practicing my new hooping moves!

    Here are some lovely links for you:

* Bras: Victoria's Secret accidentally released unretouched photos. The bad fit of all the swimwear is just mindblowing.

* Funny: lol!

* Smarts: this post on Helen Gurley Brown is fascinating. 

* Photography: This guide to light is amazing.

* Beauty: personally I think freckles are adorable, but if you dislike yours you might like this post on how to get rid of freckles (also relevant for discolourations caused by the sun).

* Life: 10 Ways to Remember Life Loves You

* Bra blog of the week: Undercover Lingerista is a 28FF who has her finger on the pulse of the lingerie world. Check her blog out for everything about the newest bras and swimwear -- all in a big size range, of course.

Check these out: