Beauty Around The World: Greece

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       This chapter of the Beauty Around The World Series takes you to Greece!
It's written by Penelope, a New York City blogger who loves to write about fashion and beauty on her blog Penelope's Oasis. Check her out! And if you're interested in participating in the Beauty Around The World Series, drop me a line at eternalvoyageur (at) gmail (dot) com.

    The women of Greece are known for several things, among them having beautiful olive skin, well shaped curves, and thick, lustrous hair. This Mediterranean beauty is typical of the region, where the sun is plentiful, and outdoor activities provides lots of fresh air and movement.

   The diet in Greece (seafood, goat cheese, greens, olives and bread are popular) are super healthy, and combines with a lifestyle that often has the women are outdoors enjoying the air and getting exercise (if you aren't on a mo-ped you are usually walking), and you have a recipe for strong, healthy bodies! What we call hiking in the US is a way of life in Greece, and all those omega fatty acids and vitamins in their food makes for great skin.

Want To Emulate The Beauty Of Grecian Woman? Here are the steps!

1. Eat a diet rich in healthy fats and vitamins, including greens (spinach is terrific!), seafood (calamari is a favorite, not fried of course!), and olive oil. These are healthy for the heart and also great for beautiful skin and healthy hair.

2. Get lots of exercise, and if you can, walk instead of driving to get around. It's great to keep in shape, not to mention a good way to get a little sun and socialize with neighbors and friends.

3. Spend lots of time outdoors where the fresh air makes for great skin and a glowing overall appearance. 


4. Don't be afraid to use some of that famous Greek olive in your hair as a moisturizer for thick, shiny, healthy hair. It's great as a conditioner, and use a much lighter touch if you decide to leave it in (but only use as a leave in if you have thick hair, or it will way your light hair down).

5. Don't be afraid to eat! Greek women love pastries and bread (how do you think they got so curvy) but combined with healthy outdoor exercise, they manage to keep things in great proportion, so eat well, enjoy food, and enjoy life!

6. Go natural -- Greek women depend on the sun for their glow, and not so much on make-up, but too much tanning isn't safe, so for a lovely Grecian glow, go easy on the makeup and keep things more natural (the color you get during your walks will be plenty!)

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7. Work with your hair -- Greek women tend to have thick, strong, healthy dark hair, and if it's curly they let it curl, and if it's straight they leave it straight. They work with what they have instead of processing it too much, which is why it always looks so healthy and natural. If you have curly or straight hair, consider loving what you got and learning to make it beautiful, instead of fighting nature and possibly damaging your hair. Remember, there are women who want exactly what you have!

8. When it comes to clothes, classic is best. Because the weather is so hot, white is a popular color, as is cotton and linen for material, and the styles are classic and simple. The focus is on flattering the woman, not being trendy, so pick clothes that flatter you and are monochrome if you want to emulate the fashion of Greece!

    Anyone of you been to Greece, or is Greek? Feel free to discuss Greek beauty in the comments.

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