Weekend Reads 16-09-2012


      I wish the above were tue, but the truth is I'm a summer girl (at least I am when I'm in central Europe). Sundresses, sandals, tanned skin, evenings where it's so warm you can wander around in said sundress and sandals till midnight -- that's life! But autumn also means gorgeous colours, creative layers of clothing, adorable accessories like legwarmers and wristwarmers, and of course the crisp air. What are your favourite things about autumn?

   And here are some great links:

* Cosmetics: Beauty in Sobriety is an amazing piece.

* Ha ha: Google street view takes privacy seriously, even if you are a sphinx.

* Smarts: 21 days of tips about willpower is great stuff.

* Bra Ninjas: I love it when bra bloggers go undercover! In this post Undercover Lingersita goes incognito to get fitted at Boux Avenue

Check these out: