Which Oils Will Block Your Pores And Which Won't?

Which Oils Will Block Your Pores And Which Won't?

     There is an easy and scientific way to predict how likely an oil is to block your pores, as I learned from the amazing Wielki Powrot Do Natury. If your pores tend to get blocked easily, choose oils that contain less Oleic acid and more Linoleic acid.

     Based on this formula, some oils that should not block pores are: walnut oil, grape seed oil, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, passion-flower oil, hempseed oil, wheatgerm oil, flaxseed oil, watermelon seed oil.
    Some oils that might block pores (but only if your skin has a tendency towards blocked pores) are: olive oil, safflower oil, papaya seed oil, plum seed oil, hazelnut oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, peach seed oil, apricot seed oil.
   You can check the properties of oils on Wikipedia before you create your oil cleansing mix or buy a facial product with oils in it.

     Mineral oil (also called petroleum) is also pretty likely to block pores, as are silicones (they are obviosuly not oils but I couldn't resist mentioning them).

    I have already mentioned that different skins react very differently to things, so it is impossible to predict for sure whether a certain ingredient will block your pores or not. If you find a product that is comodogenic for your face, you can always demote it and use it on your body.

    Would you say that this rule holds true for you? Which are your favourite "safe" oils for the skin? Is your skin prone to blocked pores?

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