Clubbing Style Tips: How To Look Great And Be Comfortable.

Clubbing Style Tips: How To Look Great And Be Comfortable.

    Based on personal experience :)

* Makeup: when in doubt, just do your eyes dark and pile on the highlighter. It will be dark in there anyway so the rest of your makeup will mostly go unnoticed. A good primer will keep things from melting!

* Shoes: choose comfort over looks. The girl burning up the dance floor in her canvas sneakers is always going to look better than the one making mincing steps in stilettos -- or sitting because her feet are killing her. Seriously, nobody will be looking at your shoes, so feel free to wear whatever you dance in best. I love Rieker Antistress pumps, they are comfortable enough to run in.

* Hands: A nice manicure and a ring or two look great when your are holding your cocktail.

* Jewelry: can make even a simple tank top + jeans club-ready. Sparkle is good, big is good, just make sure it doesn't dangle around so much that it's uncomfortable. For this reason I love statement earrings and cuff bracelets.

* Outfit: you will get hot, so wear something light / short and layer over it (if necessary). A well-fitting bra is a must. Don't forget sparkly jewelry!

* Deodorant: more is more here. Nuff said.

* Perfume: skip it or use something very light. Scents get very intense on hot skin in a hot room, and often bother other people if they are not on the subtle side.

* Bag: less is more. If you can, don't bring one at all and stow your stuff in your pockets / a small shoulder bag / your boots instead.

* Drink lots of water: it's the best way to not get a hangover! Tried and tested by me, many times.

* Hollywood tape and safety pins can be lifesavers. Just sayin.

   Over to you: what are your best clubbing tips?

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