Marks & Spencers Bras: Low Prices But Uneven Quality

Marks & Spencers Bras

"I wear 28DD and the Freya Deco is my everyday bra, but I am looking to new brands to try. Your recent post reminded me of M&S bras I saw on e-bay - are they like Triumph? They have a range of sizes, but they're cheap (and I worry about quality)."

     The quality of M&S bras is very inconsistent. Also the sizing can be very inconsistent. From what I have heard, the non-padded bras are much better than their padded bras. The underwires range from average to wide, the bands range from firm to very stretchy.
     I have owned a couple of M&S bras from the Ceriso range -- this sexy model was very supportive and comfortable, but I have also had a model that was very flimsy. An annoying thing about M&S is that the bras don't have their names written on the tag, so it is rather difficult to find reviews.

    My advice? If you have an M&S store near you, do go there and try their lingerie in person -- you will find some fantastic pieces for small prices. If you find some really great deals on Ebay and don't mind taking a bit of risk, buy them; however, if you prefer to know what you're getting and hate waste, stick to your tried and tested brands.

Important: for some reason the M&S sizing system doesn't have the FF size -- the size that comes after F is G.

Also, I once bought this gorgeous 28DD basque -- very  pretty and well made, but turned out a cup size too small -- you can buy it off me.

     Have you tried M&S bras? Would you recommend them?

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