Giveway + Words Of Wisdom For Small Busted Ladies

     What do small-busted women want from lingerie? Styles that accentuates their curves, not tons of padding -- says Stephanie, founder of Bella Petite Lingerie -- an online lingerie boutique for smaller-chested ladies. Sleep, lounge and sexytimes wear in powder colours, luxurious fabrics, and styles that are romantic with generous dashes of vintage is what Bella Petite Lingerie is about. Stephanie wanted to create lingerie designed specifically for small-busted figures due to her frustration with  generic-sized lingerie scaled down to size S, and has recently launched the first pieces of her very own line! 
     I interviewed Stephanie about her work and got great insights on hang ups about breast size, small-busted role models, and what flatters smaller busts. She also answered the all-important question of whether you should save your best pieces for special occasions or wear the everyday! Also,  she is generously giving away a 25$ voucher to her online store to a lucky winner! (details at the end of post). Yay!

Here is my interview with Stephanie of Bella Petite Lingerie:

Eternal*Voyageur: Can you describe in three words each: yourself and Bella Petite Lingerie?

Stephanie: Me: Sensitive, Motivated, Caring
Bella Petite: Elegant, Sexy, Luxurious

* Small-busted women often have hang-ups about their breast size and femininity. One small-busted friend wouldn't even let me fit her, saying that "it's not worth it" because "there is nothing there". Any sage words of advice? What can a woman with hang-ups about her bust size do to learn to appreciate their beauty?

Stephanie: As a petite busted woman myself, I can safely say that being comfortable with your body is not something that will happen overnight. I honestly believe it is a life long journey that takes work everyday. Women need to remind themselves that even the women they see on magazines who appear "perfect" are airbrushed and photoshopped and are not a realistic comparison.

    One thing I remind myself is that women are beautiful in all sizes, whether they are big chested or small chested. I think when women are hung up on not having a big bust, they need to remind themselves that being small chested IS attractive and sexy too and there are many guys (and girls) out there that are attracted to women with small busts.

* There are so many drop-dead gorgeous small-busted women out there, from Keira Knightley to almost every model that exists. So why do you think the "bigger is better" myth still persists?

Stephanie: It is great to see that more and more small busted women in Hollywood are choosing to be "natural" as opposed to opting for breast implants. Unfortunately, our society as a whole still perpetuates the stigma that "bigger is better" by portraying women with big breasts as "sexy" in commercials, magazines, tv shows and movies.  Despite the fact that there are many small busted beauties out there, it can be hard to remember that when women are reminded daily of what society thinks of big breasted women. There is not as much focus on the small busted beauties as there is on the big chested beauties.

   I'm hoping that the next generation of young women actresses like Miranda Cosgrove,  and Mila Kunis continue to embrace their natural beauty and serve as good role models to small busted women. We need to start teaching girls at a young age that beauty is not defined by their breast size. It saddens me to hear teenage girls talking about wanting breast implants. We need to work to change the message that society sends that women need to look a certain way to be beautiful and to focus on accepting and loving ourselves the way we were made.

* What motivated you to start an online boutique aimed at small-busted ladies?

Stephanie: In a word -- frustration. I was frustrated with the lingerie industry for overlooking this niche in the market. More and more lingerie companies are recognizing women come in all shapes and offer plus sizes, which is great. However, you don't see them targeting women with small busts, it almost feels like they act as though we don't exist or shouldn't wear lingerie. I can't tell you how many lingerie lines are offered starting in size 34B. What about all the women that fall below that category? I was floored that when my husband reached out to a local boutique to try and carry our line he was told that they didn't have a problem or need for smaller sizes. I really couldn't believe it.  I am willing to bet that many others like me would strongly disagree. I had gone to that boutique previously and can attest that they had virtually nothing in my size.

* You carried lingerie from other brands in your store. How did you decide to start your own line? Were there needs of clients that just weren't being addressed by the other lingerie manufacturers?

Stephanie: My goal with Bella Petite has always been to design my own lines. I felt in order to get the company launched I would need to try and sell some items that were already produced. While I hand selected some pieces I think flatter the small bust, those products are not specifically designed for a small busted women. Companies will produce the same product in size small all the way through extra large. The needs of the large busted woman vary greatly from the needs of a small busted woman and both needs can't be addressed in the same piece. The result is the products that do come in size small often hang on women like a tent and are not flattering. Women with smaller busts need certain designs that accentuate their natural curves and don't attempt to cover them up or make them look like they don't have enough on top because they are not big enough to fill the outfit.

* What inspired the designs of the pieces in your own line?

Stephanie: As a small busted woman, I have first hand knowledge of what types of clothing designs flatter my body shape and which do not. I used that knowledge, along with research from the clothing industry as to what designs best flatter smaller busted women. Plunging necklines, sweetheart necklines, snug fitting outfits and designs which draw the attention to the bust area is what I used to come up with my line.

* What do you thing small-busted ladies look for in lingerie? In what ways does small-busted lingerie differ from pieces aimed at bigger-busted women?

Stephanie: I think there is a misconception that all small busted women want lingerie with lots of padding. While I know many women do want that, I know many women are also looking for pieces they can wear that accentuate their small curves without feeling like they have to hide what they have or make it appear as something it isn't.

    I am not a large busted women so I can't really speak to what their needs are although I imagine that items that provide support while being comfortable are probably a few of their needs. Small busted women need  pieces that  hug their natural shape and are not going to have lots of extra material on top. Their need is lingerie that is going to highlight their "assets" and make them feel confident in their own skin, and proud to display what they do have.

* What is your favourite part in the whole process of getting a piece from an image in your mind to the finished piece?

Stephanie: I would have to say seeing the line drawings of my sketches and trying on my prototypes for the first time was my favorite part. The first time I tried on my two prototypes it brought tears to my eyes. I thought, "finally I have something made just for me that makes me look sexy AND shows off my natural body shape".  It was an affirmation that all the hard work that I had put in up to that point was worth it.  I knew I wanted other women like me who struggle with their self esteem related to their small busts to feel as confident as I felt when trying on my pieces. Seeing the look on my husband's face when I modeled them for him was pretty awesome too! :-)

* What ideas do you have on the drawing board?

Stephanie: I have quite a few actually. I have some corset sketches, some two piece lingerie (cami & panties) as well as several other babydolls designs. Because it is a very expensive process to go from sketch to finished product, we are hoping to move some of our first line before creating our next line.

* Personally, do you reserve beautiful and luxurious lingerie pieces for special occasions, or do you favour the "use your best china everyday" philosophy?

Stephanie: Up until I had my own line, I had lots of lingerie that I honestly didn't wear much at all. They were very pretty pieces, but they didn't flatter my small chest and ended up making me feel less sexy when I put them on. Now that I finally have pieces that fit me and make me feel good, my philosophy is "use your best china everyday". If you have something that makes you feel confident and sexy, wear it often!

* I was also wondering whether you have thought of producing underwired bras in small sizes, like 26-28 bands and A-C cups? There are almost no bras available for these sizes, and yet there are so many women who need those sizes. Maybe you'll be interested in the Bra Band Project.

Stephanie: Right now my focus is on designing lingerie pieces, although someday I may produce bras. It seems a lot more bra companies are popping up that are for small busted women, however they typically don't have lingerie, which is the niche I am focused on.  Depending on the response I get, if we receive a lot of requests to produce even smaller sizes than (XXS) we are certainly open to developing them. My thought is that if a small busted women doesn't fit the sizes we have, I will work to ensure we are covering the range of band sizes.

   I think we as women have a responsibility to the next generation of women to remind them that they are beautiful just as they are and the women they see on tv are not realistic comparisons. We as women need to lift each other up not be tearing each other down. I have seen lots of messages about "real women have curves" or thinner being portrayed as more attractive. I think that just pits women against each other and fuels more competition. I think the message to young ladies needs to be "Beauty comes in ALL shapes and sizes". One size should not be portrayed as better than the other, we are all beautiful in our own way, the way that we were made.

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