Thanks For Your Improvement Suggestions + My Replies

    Thanks a LOT for all your suggestions! It has been heartwarming to see how many of you actually read my blog -- yes, the stats tell me I have lots of readers, but it's a completely different feeling to see tons of comments!
   I just want to quickly mention that I'm sorry that the link to the Acne Ebook from the last post is not working -- the people on that website are having technical issues, which should be solved by next week the link is working! yay!

   Back to the topic on hand -- I have read every one of your suggestions and taken them to heart! I got some really great tips, and will be acting on them.

      I will address only the most often repeated ones here:

* More Ewa Michalak giwaways -- I'd love to! I hope Ewa Michalak feels the same way too.

* I was relieved and a bit surprised that most of you actually like my blog. Well, obviously you wouldn't be reading it if you didn't, but still! Some even liked it the way it is. Thanks, it means a LOT to me just to hear it from you!

* A lot of you want more of everything -- more bra posts, more skin and hair care posts. I will try to keep it all balanced. Mondays will be bra posts, Wednesdays will be beauty, and Fridays will be whetever comes up / inspires me.

* More Polish bra brands -- yes, I also realised that I'm way overdue in writing about them. Stay tuned!

* More before-and-afters -- I really love these posts, but I can't make them alone. I need you to contribute! I hope it will encourage you to know that the before-and-afters can be anonymous, with clothes on and without faces if you prefer it this way. Do mail me if you'd like to submit your images, don't be shy! Your photos might be a huge motivation for someone out there to try to find out their real bra size, besides illustrating how bra sizes really look like (most women have no idea what a 30FF really looks like).

* More beginner's posts about skin care and makeup. Will do!

* Guest posts, guest bra reviews -- yes! I have got a couple of guest posts from other bloggers lined up, and I'd very much like to have some from you! If you would like to send me your bra review, or write about a favourite beauty trick or product -- I'd really love to have you!

* Ok, so you want a brighter background. This was the most often repeated request. My husband peeked over my shoulder and agreed -- it's time to say goodbye to the black. I also realised that what I see as a starry sky shows up as plain black on most screens. I will not make the blog pink, but I will make something more bright in the next days. Someday I'd really like a professional to make over my blog, but at the moment I can't afford it (and I won't let anyone touch my blog if I'm not absolutely in love with their work). I will not mess with the sidebars because I think they are easy to navigate, but I might make a couple of minor changes. My skills are very basic and I have often broken the blog when trying to fix or improve stuff, so I am very wary of making new changes.

* The labels / categories -- several of you mentioned that they could be improved. Could you please elaborate, or show me an example of a blog that is doing it right? I'm not sure where to start. Also, I'm limited by what my blogging platform (Blogger) can do, so very fancy things are unfortunately not possible at the moment with my very rudimentary coding skills.

* Old posts not displaying properly / still linking to the old Xanga blog -- This happened because I had no way of automatically importing the old blog to Blogger, so I copy-pasted around 300 posts (!!). I tried to update all the links, but it was a nightmarish work and it's possible I skipped a few. The Xanga HTML was also a nightmare, that's why some of the posts might be acting weird in Internet Explorer. I will try to clean up things when I have the time. Also, you should not be using Internet Explorer. Chrome is really much better.

* More diversity of body types in the photos I use: I'd love to implement this, but it is not always easy. Searching for images that are appropriate and in line with my aesthetics is already very time consuming (sometimes takes longer than the writing of the post). I usually use weheartit, but if you know of a source with more body type diversity (and less so-cute-I-puked), do let me know!

* Yes, I read each and every one of your suggestions, and I will be considering it even if I have not mentioned them right now.

    If you'd still like to add your ideas and advice, you are welcome to do so in the comments!

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