Weekend Reads 19-01-2013


      Hi everyone, how did your week go? I was enjoying the snow -- it's quite rare that there is so much snow and it's not too cold. I also did a bunch of uncluttering and organizing around the house -- feels so good!

Weekly challenge update: I'm not feeling very proud of the way the Tupler Technique week went. I had a hard time motivating/pushing myself to do the exercises, even though they take less than 10 minutes to do. I even managed to skip a day... On the plus side, it was pretty awesome to see that an exercise that was hard to do on day one was so easy on day 5! Also, I am much more aware of my core throughout the day.
    For the next week, I want to try doing affirmations every morning. I read and loved Louise Hay's You Can Heal Your Life -- it's more thorough and goes deeper than The Secret (it emphasizes that the law of attraction doesn't work if you haven't dealt with your self-loathing and other issues). This tiny little book has been extremely helpful to me (thanks to that book I permanently switched off the criticizing voice in my head). So every morning I plan to say my affirmations in front of the mirror. If you'd like to play too, I really recommend You Can Heal Your Life!

Now, on to the links for the week:

* Lol: I have probably mentioned that I love First World Problems. Now I have also discovered Parallel World Problems, Ancient World ProblemsFifth World Problems and Future World Problems.

* Aww: Cows have best friends.

* Bras: The show Double Divas is making bra-fitting bloggers want to hit their laptops with their heads. Here is Fussy Busty's review.

* Fashion history: Apparently 16th and 17th 19th century Korean women wore clothes that allowed their boobs to peek out. Obviously NSFW

* Books: If you are a Tolkien fan, you'll find this discussion about Tom Bombadil fascinating. Was Tom one of the Maiar?

* Body: I loved Are You Pretty Enough To Find Love:
"But even as I worried that I wasn’t naturally beautiful enough to find someone great, everywhere I looked, there were real-life examples to the contrary. Lots of fabulously happy, well-matched couples in which neither person struck me as conventionally attractive. Couples in which the woman was not obviously “hot,” and the man obviously thought she was. Stunningly lovely single women who couldn’t seem to go on a second date. (...) Looking at the people around me, it almost seemed like no rules applied to love. It almost seemed like anything could happen, regardless of what a person looked like."

Isn't this song amazing?

Check these out: