Can You Dance In The Rain in Your Heels?

   To this whole flats vs heels debate I say: wear something in which you could dance in the rain.

   Imagine... you are on your way home, maybe from a party, maybe from work, maybe just from the baker's around the corner. It's starting to rain, the sky is deep purple, and the warm wind smells of the storm. You are debating whether you should take shelter under an awning, or dash home through the soft drops. And then you see him, he is standing right beside you. His laughing eyes make your heart beat faster, the way you knew they would. You hear music from some nearby cafe, that music is made for dancing. "Come on", he says, reaching out a hand towards you, "it will be fun."
   And you say "I wish I could, I really do, but I can't, not with these shoes..."
   These damned shoes.

      If a girl wants to do things and have adventures, she's got to remember that adventures, well, they tend to appear without warning, as a certain hobbit once found out. And apart from having a proper supply of clean pocket-handkerchiefs in her pocket and the right bra, a girl needs to have shoes on that she can have adventures in.
      There are girls that have impossible adventures in impossible heels and sky-high platforms, others prefer something closer to the ground. It totally depends on what you feel good in, what you can walk in. And what you can dance in, whether it is with your love, your child, or just with the wind.

     Once, someone asked me to walk with him on a warm, rainy, tropical night. I had been fancying him, and so in my mind I silently thanked myself for wearing my pretty low-heeled sandals.

      Yes, heels do elongate the legs, make you look taller and slimmer, and I love the way the right pair can turn whatever you've just thrown on into an outfit. And yes, they do put strain on the body, cause back pain and many other problems. I really admire the skills of the girls who probably could climb the Everest in their sky-high heels.
   Personally I have trouble walking in pretty low ones, unless they are very stable. And I have realised that tottering in heels isn't as sexy as gracefully walking in flats.  So I'll stick to my flats because I don't want to say no when I feel like dancing in the rain.


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