Weekend Reads 10-02-2013

      Hi everyone, how did your week go? I managed to get healthy at last! The week has been uneventful but tonight I'm going to a dress-up party which I'm so excited about because I love dressing-up! I'm going as a princess, partially to mess with my pre-school daughter ;) 
       I'm getting back to weekly challenges, and this week I'll be meditating every day. I'm allowed to choose any type of meditation that feels appealing, do it for at least 15-minutes and do my best to not half-ass it.

Onward to this week's delicious links:

* Lol: Some of the best comebacks in history.

* Bras: Small bust blogger roundup via Boosaurus!

* Body: Your body language shapes who you are is really really interesting.

* Beauty: is makeup good or bad for women’s self-esteem? is a must-read.

* Weird: Apparently 'photoshopping' was a thing in the 19th century.

* Book of the week: Master And Margarita is one of my favourite books ever. It's delightfully magical and surrealistic, and the devil-cat Behemoth is my favourite character.

Check these out: