Cosmetic Favourites March 2013

   Yet another month gone by, and this means another bunch of cosmetics tried out. Here   I want to show you some products which I have discovered and like very much. And also a couple that I didn't like so much but could be interesting for some of you.

Speick Deo Stick

    My beloved crystal deodorant suddenly stopped working, and I bought two other ones but they didn't worked either. I looked online and apparently this sometimes happens after a few years of using a crystal deo, does anyone know why? Anyway, I wanted a replacement that was not only non-toxic but also free from alcohol and baking soda which wreak havoc on my underarm skin.
     I picked up this one from Speick, as a label with the highest rating from Öko Test never fails to attract my attention. (Öko Test is an independent German consumer magazine which checks products for harmful ingredients via non-biased, rigorous tests.) The deodorant works well and keeps me fresh for 24 hours. The only minus is the scent -- it's a bit like a menthol candy, maybe a tad more herbal. Generally I prefer my deodorant scentless. It does contain alcohol, however it is in the third place (and not on the top of the list as in most deos). I have not experienced either drying or breakouts on my underarm skin. I like this deodorant, however it still doesn't match up to the crystal deos (which are scentless). I will be using it for some months till the crystal deos work for me again.
     The Speick Deo Stick is aluminium-free, and vegan. According to their own declarations Speick products are also cruelty-free. It cost me around 4,00€

Aleppo soap

     I had to get this after reading rave reviews from beauty bloggers. Aleppo soaps traditional soaps from Syria and are prepared in a special way out of (only) plant oils. Aleppo soaps are great for cleansing the skin, they are gently yet effective. There are many kinds available, I chose a 25% Laurel oil organic bar (the rest is olive oil) from Zhenboya which is meant for skin with impurities (the laurel leaf oil works as a natural antibiotic), and so far I'm quite satisfied. I got mine on Ebay for 5,80€ which seemed quite a lot to pay for a soap, but the 200g bar is pretty big and I imagine it will last for a year. I will write a separate post on Aleppo soaps soon!

Aloe Vera gel

      I already own aloe vera concentrate, but it is a bit unhandy to use solo. So I ordered a gel, and when it arrived I realised that it's simply aloe vera concentrate mixed with guar (which i have at home), so I could have mixed it up myself. Other than that, aloe vera gel is just as I remember it from my teenage years -- an uncomplicated and super-light moisturiser. It sinks into the skin almost immediately and can be used below makeup. It does have a specific smell -- I don't know how to describe it, but it's not terribly pleasant but goes away almost immediately (you don't smell like that when you apply it). Aloe vera gel can also be mixed into moisturisers and conditioners for extra moisture, which makes it versatile. When buying aloe vera gel, try to get the purest thing possible, as many aloe vera gels contain very little aloe vera.  Mine is 99% pure aloe vera (the rest is Xanathan gum and Carageen). I got 100ml from for  2,95€.

Taft Schwarzkopf Instant Hair Volume Powder

    I picked this up hoping that it would be an alcohol-free replacement for dry shampoos (which I love but don't want to use too often because of the alcohol). Now, I'm a bit torn on this product. One one hand, it did give me big hair -- in fact I have never had so much volume except that one time motorcycling through central India during the dry and dusty part of the summer. It also looked really good! Unfortunately, the powder is very sticky and made the hair glue together which is something I strongly dislike. It drives me nuts if I cannot run my fingers through my hair and if I am forced to wash my hair the next day. This is a deal-breaker for me, but if you don't mind such things then do try this out -- but do wash your hair very thoroughly afterwards. I imagine the stickiness can be great for styling the hair in certain ways as it makes the hair more grab and less slip.
    If anyone can recommend a product that gives volume, do let me know!

Cosy Lips Lip balm

    I ordered this sample on a whim, attracted by the cute box. For someone who uses balm with petroleum jelly it's ok since the ingredient list is really minimal. However if you have been using balms based on beeswax or shea butter, you can't really go back to vaseline. Also, it's not really healthy when ingested and we do eat most of what we put on our lips. I'll be using the cute tin for a DIY beeswax lip balm.

  Have you tried any of the above products? Also, what were your cosmetic favourites this month?

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