Shallow Breast Metamorphosis 32/34AA to 30B/C

   We saw some example of shallow breasts in this postHere I wanted to present to you the fitting journey of the owner of one of those busts (bust G).  If you are not sure what shallow breasts are or whether yours are shallow,  I have explained this breast shape in detail in this post. 

   Women with shallow breasts often get confused because they often find out their correct bra size but nothing seems to sit right. It can take a couple of tries to find the shallow half-cup and balconet cuts that work for them. 

    The woman in this metamorphosis is still in the process of finding her perfect fit, still her journey so far is really interesting and I hope it helps those of you with a similar breast shape.

"My measurements are 28 underbust, and 31.5 around the boobies."


   From the front it may it be obvious at first glance that the breasts are shallow, although a closer look reveals that the breasts start just bellow the collar bones.

"I've been wearing 32AA and 34AA bras from Aerie, but I'm pretty sure they don't fit right."

In this photo in a 32AA you can how high up the breasts start. Also, note how most of the breast is outside the cup. The style of the cup is good though, and it would probably work if the cup were bigger and the band smaller:

Here she is in a Aerie 34AA, which is a band and a cup size bigger than the 32AA (because cup size is relative to cup size). 

"So I ordered a Curvy Kate bra in a 28D (description said it fits more like a 28C) Band is definitely too tight, I feel like I cant breathe in them, and I don't think the cups fit either."

Here you see that plunges usually don't fit shallow breasts right.

It's not the best, but here's the first bra I've found that actually somewhat fits (no gaps or spillage): size 30B

This bra works because the shape is more half-cup than plunge (the cups are low-cut and the top edges of the cup are "open" and horizontal-ish. Note that the cup size of the 30B is the same as that of the 34AA (teal bra), but the band is three sizes snugger.

     Judging by this photo, I'd say she could also try out 30C cups.

   I still have two or three shallow-breasted posts lined up, and then it will be time for another breast shape. Stay tuned!

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