Weekend Reads 10-03-2012

      Hi everyone, how did your week go? I have had tons to do, and time always seems to be running short. I'm really hoping for a slower-paced next week! Apart from that, I am really enjoying the first signs of spring. Sunshine! Snowdrops and crocuses -- tons of them everywhere!
    As for my last week's challenge, I'm happy to say that taking time to chew is slowly becoming a habit. It also prevents that stuffed-but-hungry feeling when I have had my full but my brain hasn't registered fullness yet (this supposedly happens 15 minutes after you have started eating).

  For my next week's challenge, I want to sew / darn a thing everyday. I have a bunch of things that need darning or are missing a button, some of them are waiting since more than a year. 

On to the links!

* DIY: darning! Seriously, everyone should know how to darn.

* Style: How to take care of your clothes

* Something from a supportive blogger (the beheld, charade, fullerfiguerfullerbust)

* Body: All these lovely ladies weigh 69 kg.

* DIY: Awesome tutorials galore!

* Films: Some of the bad movies to win good Oscars.

* Smart: My husband, the computer expert, says this is spot on when it comes to choosing a secure password.

* Food: The extraordinary science of addictive junk food is kind of mind blowing

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