Weekend Reads 16-03-2012


      Hi everyone, how have you been? I had a lovely week, packed with the fun kind of busy. 
   My weekly challenge of sewing/darning a thing a day has been easy and fun. I phoned friends while darning, and got back in touch with a couple of very lovely ladies. And finally I can wear the shorts where the button had fallen off or the gorgeous 50s dress that needed to have the hem lifted! 
    I will not be doing a weekly challenge the coming week because I will be doing a detox fast, and I think it will take up most of my will power. I will blog about it when I'm done. Wish me luck! I have fasted before, but this will involve downing some not so pleasant stuff like Sauerkraut juice. 

On to the links!

* Skin care: I have shaved both with oil and with soap, and this DIY Olive Oil Shaving Foam combines the best of both! Do remember to use a sulfate (SLS, SLES) free soap for this.

* Funny: YOu have probably seen the Goats Yelling Like Humans video. Now, here is the Humans Yelling Like Goats Yelling Like Humans

* Style: Transforming dresses left me speechless.

* Bras: Here are the photos of the Create A Curvy Kate event. So many mouth-watering pieces, and the designs looks so fresh. I'd buy many of them in a heartbeat!

* Body: What I Have Learnt About Self Care

* Travel (well, kinda): EarthCam has an amazing collection of webcam streams from totally cool places.

This transformation is just so, so amazing!

Check these out: