Bra Review: Braologie Posture-Contour Bra (The Lacie) and Posture-Contour Mini-Vest

   Today I'd like to introduce you to a bra by a new lingerie with an unusual concept: Braologie. Braologie creates bras and posture lingerie that address specific problems: posture, migrated tissue as well as fluctuating sizes. I have been testing the Braologie Posture-Contour Bra (The Lacie) and the Posture-Contour Mini-Vest and would like to tell you about them.
     Interestingly, Braologie is involved in helping the client pick her size. You send them your measurement as well as photos of you in a bra, and they send a custom-made bra for you. The bra is unlabelled  In my case they got the size right, but in case when the don't I have heard that they have a good return policy and an awesome customer service.
   The bra came with a detailed instruction of how to put it on properly and how to scoop in that migrated tissue.
    What I also loved was that they ask for photos of the client wearing the bras and re-evaluate the fit and give post-fitting advice. Nice!

My breast type: currently my measurements are 68/80cm My breasts are tear-shaped (bottom-heavy) and rather wide-spaced; and broader at the root (I prefer wider underwires).

Posture-Contour Bra (The Lacie)

28-42, A-JJ and retails for $42.99 USD

 Aesthetics: 3/5

    Function precedes form in the Braologie Posture-Contour Bra. It is not bad looking as far as nude bras go, but it does look very heavy and built-up. Not exactly something that I'd wear on a date, ya know. I slightly regret not getting the Mix instead of the beige. The bra can be worn under snug tops, the only thing that shows through slightly is the boning on the sides. The lace is not of an expensive kind, but the bra is well-made and I expect it to age well.
    However, what the bra lacks in looks it makes up by the shape is gives to the breasts: lifted and rounded. It also gives an amazing cleavage! The high side wings with double boning smooth out any rolls if you have issues with that kind of thing.
   The gore is not as high as it looks, and I can wear the bra under all but the lowest-cut V-necks. However the sides are high, so it doesn't work under sleeveless stuff. The bra is available in black, beige and a black-beige mix.

Wearing the Posture-Contour Bra.

Fit: 5/5

     The cups are lined / thinly padded, with built-in pockets for removable pads, very similar to those in some Ewa Michalak bras. I love this feature because you can control how much cleavage you want, or minimise asymmetry. The cups have a half-cup shape and are shallower at the bottom, which lifts the breasts. This means there is no gaping on the top even though the cups are much more built-up than what I normally wear.
    Underwires and side wings go quite high up in the under-arm area, and this makes the bra perfect if you want to get rid of migrate breast tissue (aka armpit rolls). However they could be too high up for a petite or someone with high-set breasts.
    The underwires have a medium width, and are not very firm. The straps are comfortable, and rather broad. They are placed very far apart, which could be an issue for women with narrow shoulders. The center gore does lie flat for me.
    Now the band. The band is firm, stable and extra wide. It has three four-hook columns and comes with an extender with three more rows of hooks. I am wearing my bra on the biggest hook of the extender and it is quite snug but not uncomfortably so. I think that the bra will last a long time because I can get rid of the extender as the band stretches out.
    The Braologie Posture-Contour Bra is comfortable, nothing pokes or pinches. It is very supportive!

Comfort: 4/5

   The Braologie Posture-Contour Bra is pretty comfortable, I have not had issues with underwires pinching. The fabric is comfortable, and the bra feels very supportive. The insides are lined with cotton which makes it very comfortable to wear. However, the bra might be a bit much for hot summer days.


   I highly recommend the Braologie Posture-Contour Bra for those of you struggling with armpit fat! This bra is the best thing yet for migrated breast tissue. I would not recommend it to petites and owners of high-set breasts, as this bra goes up really high in the underarm area.

Braologie Posture-Contour Bra (The Lacie) Stats:

Band unstretched: 56cm
Band stretched to the maximum: 71cm
Underwire length: 21cm
Underwire width: 13,5cm
(These measurements have been taken after appx. 7 wears :)

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Posture-Contour Mini-Vest   

    This buts-free vest is meant to be worn on top of a bra. It pulls the shoulders back, smooths, and it lifts and presses the boobs together to give an extra cleavage.
    The Posture-Contour Mini-Vest is easy to put on, funnily I wore it back-to-front on my first try. It closes in the front and has three columns of hooks. It really does lift the breasts and pushes them from outside in, giving a spectacular cleavage valley. 
     The high sides and back are great to smooth out rolls, and I can see it's huge potential as a shapewear piece below tight or slinky tops or dresses. Especially the boning gives it advantage over conventional shapewear.
   I have not felt any discomfort when wearing the piece. It is snug, but in a nice way.

       The vest can theoretically be worn with any bra, but it didn't work for me with unlined cups like the Tango II, as the vest divided the cups into two. It did work with lined / padded cups like the Curvy Kate Tease Me.
   The straps are adjustable and widely-placed. Again, this piece might not be suitable for anyone whose boobs are very high up, as the vest goes very high under the armpits.

   I didn't notice dramatic changes in my posture, but the vest did remind me to keep my shoulders low and back. There are two pieces of boning on each side, which keep the sides smooth and push the breasts up and in, and the effect looks really good! Braologie carries several kinds of posture lingerie, so check out their site.

Wearing the Posture-Contour Bra and Mini-Vest.

    Anyone else has tried Braologie products? How did you like them?

The items reviewed were kindly provided by Braologie. The opinions are 100% mine.

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