Weekend Reads 27-04-2013

      Hi everyone, how did your week go? I have had a lovely one, full of spontaneous picnic dinners in my garden.
          My challenge didn't go too well, I worked on my paper for only three days. It's definitely not ready yet! For this week's challenge I will stop snacking between meals. It's a bad habit that is coming back!

   Here are the lovely links for today:

* Style: Finding the Right Neckline for Your Big Necklace

* Photography: 7 ways to look better in photos.

* More style: Wardrobe Oxygen interviews lovely stylish ladies in her a true fashionista series. Also, here is her definition of a true fashionista.

* Laugh: Messing with an English major

* Bras: That Bra Does Not Fit Her is a lovely new bra-fitting tumblr

* DIY: Did you know that you can stretch your jeans?

* Home: How To Track Down Elusive "Where Can I Get That?" Products

* Fun: 5 Everyday Things That Never Stop Being Awesome.

Check these out: