Reader Bra Metamorphosis 32B to 30D + What A Too Tight Band Looks Like

     The Bra Metamorphosis is a series of posts that show photos of women before and after finding out their correct bra size. If you'd like to share your before and afters and inspire women to re-measure themselves, do contact me!

   This reader metamorphosis is especially interesting because it illustrates a rarely-seen phenomena -- a too tight band.

  D's measurements are:

Band (Break the Tape, exhaled): 26"
Band (Snug, exhaled): 27"
Bust (Standing): 32"
Bust (Leaning): 33.5'

    She started out wearing badly-fitting 32B's. In a quest to find the perfectly fitting bra, she tried out a 28F which didn't work. She says "The bra was from Change, a 28F is what the lady put my into.  The cups are too wide for my body, close to quickly on the top and thus she kept upping my size and overall flattens me out. " She made this thread on Bratabase with the photos, asking for help, and she got a lot of helpful advice (do check out the very insightful comments!). The cups are too big, but the too tight band pulled the cups wide and flat which disguised that fact.

    On the basis of Bratabase advice, she got this 30D La Senza Hello Sugar Front Closure Bra:

  The band seems to be the right size! There appears to still be a little bit of migrated breast tissue there, which will go away after diligent scooping and swooping. I'd also recommend trying a soft (not moulded) bra, since moulded bras often mask imperfect fit.

   If you are wondering how much you should be able to pull the band away from your body, well it kinda depends on how hard you pull. If I pull on my bra band with determination, I can fit up to five fingers between it and my torso (that's a similar distance as on the picture). Obviously this is often less for brand-new bras.

    Any comments or questions for D? I'd like to thank her for sharing her metamorphosis with us. If you'd like to share yours, I'd love to have you! The "contact" button is on the top of the page.

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