Weekend Reads 07-04-2013

      Hi everyone, how did your week go? I am feeling down because of the cold weather and lack of sunshine. I am happy about the Easter holiday being over -- I'm looking forward to Yoga classes and theater rehearsals!

   I want to get back to my weekly challenges. This week it will be getting my garden ready for spring. There is a lot to be done: from pruning which I have been postponing because of the snow, to raking the moss of the lawn, to tidying up the beds to planting some new plants I got! I will have to work a bit every day this week if I want to get everything done and not collapse. Wish me luck!

   Now, on to the lovely links:

* Happy: Put your money where your happy is. Amen. I'm going to make a running list of that!

* Style: When to save, when to splurge. I don't agree on hosiery though, because Falke stockings last and last.

* Fun: These photos of 1900 and 2013 Paris are fascinating!

* Beauty: how to find  feminist beauty products

* Body: 7 tips my dentist wasn’t meant to tell me
posted on april 4th, 2013

* Food: I loved 100 rules of dinner

* Movie of the week: The Girl Who Leaped Through Time is an endearing anime about a schoolgirl who accidentally gets the power to time-travel. I especially loved the main character Makoto, for her awkwardness and tomboyishness.

I love Kate Bush's music, especially this song:

Check these out: