Weekend Reads 20-04-2013

Grains of sand from a beach in Maui, magnified ~150 times, taken by Gary Greenberg

      Hi everyone, how have you been? I've just come back from a local dance festival where I did a Farro and a Flamenco class. The Flamenco was accidental, I meant to try African drumming but it was full, so I found myself wearing a bright green full skirt and dishing out beats with my heels. Fun!
    My last challenge went well, and I worked in my garden almost every day. I did most of the stuff that has to be done, and I am so thrilled at how everything is growing and blooming. I'm totally in love with my garden.
    For this week, I want to spend one hour everyday writing a piece for my university. I have been procrastinating finishing it since autumn, and if I wait around any longer it will be very embarassing to hand it in so late. Anyway, I hope that after putting in an hour everyday I should have the content ready till the end of the week (it will still need to be reviewed, corrected and polished.) Wish me luck discipline!
      To those of you who are also doing weekly challenges, so share yours in the comments! It can be anything you like, small or big, hard or fun!

Onto this week's links:

* Style: Confessions of a fashion addict. Still don't know what to think about this. It's... just so extreme.

* Home: A guide to Buy It For Life kitchen essentials.

* Home: The Death of Hi-Fidelity laments about the fact that people choose looks over aesthetics when setting up their home theater audio system.

* Body: The Pros and Cons of Working Out. I so agree with the hair part!

* Makeup: 3 Ways To Curl Your Eyelashes Without A Lash Curler

* Body: Revealing the Korean Body Politic. A really interesting piece about women (and their boobs) in North Korea.

* Wow: This photo of female medical school students in 1885 is amazing.

* Funny: MS Office, analog edition

* Book of the week: The Now Habit is a must read for all of you procrastinators out there!

The rope braid plait is very easy and looks cute!

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