Review: Parfait Affinitas Casey Plunge + Parfait Affinitas Giveway!

   A nude T-shirt bra is a summer staple -- it works perfectly under anything sheer, white or clingy. Today I want to show you my newest one: the Casey parfait Affinitas. It has formed plunge cups; the band starts at 30 and the cups go up to G.

My breast type: currently my measurements are 68/83. My breasts are tear-shaped (bottom-heavy) and rather wide-spaced; and broader at the root (I prefer wider underwires).

Aesthetics: 5/5

    I love how Affinitas managed to turn what is usually a purely utilitarian piece into something pretty. I just love the lace on the cups, it adds sophistication but the lace is thin enough to not show through snug tops. An additional decoration is the small bow in the center. The fabric is really nice and delicate, with a  slight sheen to it. Like other Parfait Affinitas bras that I have seen this one looks luxurious and more expensive than it is.
    The colour is a warm-brownish nude. It is also incidentally the same colour as my half-slip from HandM. This colour won't work as a nude for very pale skin tones as well as darker skin tones, but it is perfect for a lightly tanned caucasian (sorry is this is not the politically correct term). (If you have issues finding nude bras for your skin tone, Braless in Brasil has resources for very pale as well as coloured women).
    The "profile" shape is very nice. The bra also has a cleavage-enhancing effect. In the photo below you can see that the cups are profiled to be shallower at the bottom and sides, so that the breasts are pushed together. In my case the effect is subtle, but I have seen the Parfait Affinitas Casey  creating XXL cleavage on some women. The Casey is perfect for deep and narrow decolletes  It doesn't work for deep and wide decolletes because the cups are high-cut and will peek out.

Fit: 4/5

   The cups of the Parfait Affinitas Casey are moulded and not very thick -- definitely not padded. I have a slight gaping at the edges on top, because my breasts are bottom-heavy and the cups go up quite high. Fortunately this is not visible under clothes. The cups run standard, maybe a tad big.
Underwires are medium, and short (won't poke petites in the underarms).
The straps are made of once piece and can be regulated all the way.
The band is snug, and though I normally wear a 28 band, the 30 is snug enough for me.

Comfort: 5/5

   The Caseya was comfortable from the very first moment, and have never had it dig in, pinch or cause any kind of discomfort. The support is good, and I don't feel the underwires at all. It still feel like wearing nothing after a long day. 


   The Casey is a great T-shirt bra, one that works well for everyday wear as well as for deep-cut dresses and tops. I'd especially recommend it to those of you that are looking for an alternative to the Freya Deco. So if the Deco has disappointed you, do try Casey !

Parfait Affinitas Casey Stats:

Band unstretched: 61
Band stretched to the maximum: 81
Underwire length: 17cm
Underwire width: 13cm
   These measurements have been taken after appx.5 wears :)

  Casey Boyshorts

   They are amazingly soft and thin, the fabric feels very silky and is extremely comfortable. Nothing bunches, nothing dig in. These are totally the most comfortable undies I own!

Disclaimer: the Casey set has been kindly sent for me by Parfait Affinitas. The opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

 Giveway time!

    If you don't own a nude bra set yet, no worries. Parfait Affinitas are generously giving away 10 sets of nude / black lingerie to US readers ! Isn't that awesome? The winners can choose either the Casey or the Allison bras (T-Shirt Bra or Convertible Strapless in Nude or Black) and a matching bottom. What are you waiting for, enter!

     Many past giveway winners never contact me back and I ended up picking new ones. Words like "you are the winner" in an email means it often gets sorted into the spam box. So please check your spam box, this blog post and the Venusian*Glow facebook page on 31 May to find out if you won!

  • Giveway is US only!
  • Winners will be picked on 31 May

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