Weekend Reads 19-05-2013

      Hi everyone, how did your week go? I hosted the most amazing farewell picnic for a friend yesterday, which ended up going up to 2:AM (10 hours!!! of good friends, intelligent conversation, good wine and great food). Having a beautiful garden sheltered from view is such a blessing. Also, today I woke up with freckles. It happens every spring!

   My two-week challenge (not chewing my nails) went well. I have nice nails, exactly the right length. My mother once said that if "short" nails look best when they are exactly as long as the tips of the fingers, and I really like that length!

    For next week's challenge I will be brushing up my manners. I picked up a book on good manners at a flea-market, and am going to read and apply it. FYI I am casual to the extreme and am not very good with the knife and for, but for a week I'll be a lady.

* Body: The Bosom Bloggers Modesty Panel has some amazing articles that you should read.

* Style: This blog from Berlin has tons of amazing advance tips on style and fashion.

* Beauty: How to buy toxin-free nail polish

* Feminism: If you have been watching Game Of Thrones, you'll like this piece about Brienne of Tarth.

* Think: On beauty

* Body: How to correctly navigate the season's First Bathing Suit Try-on Session made me laugh.

* Food: This is how a real German breakfast looks like. It's  totally amazing of you want to throw a stylish brunch and not cook a thing. As long as the dishes are pretty and the cheese is good, everyone will be happy!

* Eye candy: the National Geographic is now publishing the unseen photos from their archives on their Tumblr. I am a huge fan of the NG style of photography and had a lot of fun browsing though the images.

* Book of the week: For a mind-blowing (and often hilarious) read, I highly recommend The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat which describes clinical case studies of very unusual psychological disorders -- including the guy who actually did mistake his wife for a hat.

This song makes me want to dance:

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