Cosmetic Favourites May 2013: The Perfect Sunscreen + Amazing Cleansing Scrub

    This month I had a couple of disappointments, mostly due to the fact that I didn't read labels carefully. However I did find a couple of really fantastic products that I'd love to tell you about!

John Masters Organics SPF 30 Natural Mineral Sunscreen

   I finally found my perfect sunscreen! It's like my prayers have been answered. It is mineral but without nano particles, and without alcohol. And, best of all -- it doesn't leave a white mask on the face! It sinks in almost completely. A very slight whiteness is still visible but when I lightly dust my face with loose powder my skin looks perfect. The sunscreen combines both zinc oxide and titanium oxide, so it should have a decent UVB protection as well. The John Masters Organics sunscreen has not blocked my pores. It's also bio-degradable, organic, cruelty free and vegan.
   It's not very cheap, but I was lucky to find a deal on Zalando and I paid 23.95€ for 60ml instead of the usual 36€. A good sunscreen that is pleasant to use is probably the best investments I could make, so I will be re-buying this sunscreen in spite of the price.

Cattier Gommage Argile (White Clay Scrub)

   I got a sample together with something I bought on Ebay. I love this scrub! The scrubbing particles are very small so it doesn't scratch my skin at all. I actually leave it on for a couple of minutes before washing it out. The white clay is very effective in cleansing the pores. I applied it on a trouble patch I have on the forehead and the pores were visibly cleaner and smaller. The white clay is gentle and the mask doesn't dry out the skin. If you have acne or need a more intensive cleansing, you should try the scrub with the green clay. A little bit of the product goes a long way, a sample sachet was good for eight applications (only on the T-zone). 

Weleda Wild Rose Oil

  This is a lovely body oil that I love to use on the drier parts of my face. It is light, soothing and smells divine. Seriously, the smell is dreamy! The skin becomes more supple with time. I got a mini-sized bottle, not the full-sized one. The only negative I see here is the price.

And the not-so-favourites:

Rival de Loop Straffende Anti-Aging Pflege Lifting Serum

    This is an anti-aging serum with Q10 and Collagen. Collagen is, in spite of all the hype, just a good moisturiser -- but together with Panthenol it is a good yet light moisturiser. Everything went well, till I noticed Dimethicone in the ingredient list. Even though this silicone is water soluble, I struggle with blocked pores, and I am sure it is not helping the situation. Will not buy again. 

Rival de Loop Clean And Care Eye Makeup Remover

    If I'm not mistaken this is a micellar cleanser, and I was excited to find one cheaper that the Bioderma Sensibio I had been using so far. I am a fan of micellar cleansers because they are thorough but gentle. This one does work well, removing makeup without drying the skin at all. I have been using it for my entire face, not just the eyes. However only right now I noticed that it contains two parabens, and one of them appears too high up on the list. I won't be rebuying this.

Sante Herbal Hair Colours Mahogany Red

   This was unfortunately a disappointment. Not only was the colour nowhere as intensive as the one from Henné Color, it also made my scalp itch. The colour is more like a tint. The only plus is that the mixture is much easier to apply than the Henné Color because the texture is smoother and less muddy. I was really hoping it would work well because it does have a natrue seal, which means I can be completely sure it doesn't contain unwanted chemicals (I can't be totally sure of the Henné Color). Now I still have Logona to test.
   Update: another plus is that the Logona colour is free from Sodium Picramate, unlike Henne Color.

Chanel Lipstick

   I got a small one (sample? Or travel sized?) at a flea market for one euro. It does live up to its hype. The texture is dreamy, super easy to apply. The colour is intensive and stays on really long. The downside? According to Öko Test, Chanel lipsticks contain ingredients linked to cancer, as well as other not-so-nice ingredients. Chanel also refuses to disclose the ingredients of their products, a practice which I am very critical of. As we ingest a large part of whatever we apply on our lips, I will leave this little tube for special occasions and will stick to natural brands for every day.

   What are your cosmetic hits of the month? Anything I absolutely should try?

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