Weekend Reads + Parfait Affinitas Giveway Winners!

    Hello everyone, I know I was supposed to announce the winners yesterday but I was at a festival the last two days dancing my feet off, and didn't manage to write this post in time. So, first, what everyone has been waiting for:

The winners!
  1. Dani Taylor
  1. Lisa Briner Kilmer
  1. Jennifer L. Cooke
  1. Rachel Cooper
  1.  Cate Yochum (Happy Birthday!)
  1. Katie Clayton
  1.  Jessica DiLullo
  1. Caroline Borino
  1. Noelle
  1. K
   Each of you will be getting an email shortly. Please respond within three days, and make sure you mention which bra you want! (If you don't respond within three days, I will pick another winner). For the rest of you -- thanks for playing, and I wish you luck for the next giveway!

     Now it's has been raining here ever since I can remember, but I still had an amazing week. I danced my feet off (seriously, can hardly walk), and saw some amazing bands. I love festivals so much: dancing right below the stage, chilling out on the floor with a drink, the art and the workshops, the drunk / tired people sleeping in the corners.
     I totally forgot about last week's challenge (to wear a scarf tied in a different way each day). I did do something else though -- I was reading a lot about staying hydrated (it gives you energy! it minimises fine lines!) and I tried to drink a lot of water each day. 
   My challenge for this week is to learn my theater lines to perfection. I play hobby theater groups since I was sixteen, and it has helped me to grow and develop myself. The group I am part of now will be performing in July, and I need to have my lines perfect as soon as possible. This is not easy as my German isn't that good, and I mix up words or gender endings if I don't watch out.

  And here are the lovely links for your reading pleasure:

* Style: My year of fabulous is a hilariously written blog by a woman who wants to go from frumpy to stylish by trying out a different style each month. What I also find interesting is how she feels different and how people treat her differently when she is wearing rock vs mom clothes vs euro chic.

* Pretty: what a delightful photography blog!

* Life: Timers Rock!

* Tips: A great collection of fun and useful tips!

* How To Install a Power-Up Button On Your Body

* DIY: mosquito and tick spray

* Movie of the month: Blueberry. It's a psychedelic Western. Need I say more?

Love this song:

Check these out: