Reader Bra Metamorphosis 34B to 28F

     The Bra Metamorphosis is a series of posts that show photos of women before and after finding out their correct bra size. If you'd like to share your before and afters and inspire women to re-measure themselves, do contact me!

      Today's metamorphosis is from a small-busted woman, and demonstrates how it's not just the fuller busted ladies that benefit from getting a bra that fits perfectly. Here is TC's bra story in her own words:

        I measure 28" underbust when comfortably snug, 27" when pulling tight. My bust is 35" when standing, and 37" when leaning. I have a 26" waist.
     I do not consider myself busty. I don't feel top heavy, nor were my breasts ever something I worried or fussed over. I didn't develop until well into my late teen years, and was (and still am) a proud carrier of small breasts. When I was around 19 I suddenly grew breasts which were still small, but definitely present. I decided it was in my best interest to get some bras that actually had some padding instead of the non-wired, non-padded sports bras I had been wearing before. I was first put into a 34B, which seemed decent to me. Looking back, I can see the bands were riding up, the cups were cutting in and the gore was nowhere near my sternum.

    I stayed in these bras, and occasionally 34A's, sometimes 32C's (which were no better), until I studied abroad in Scotland for a semester a year ago. It was there that I happened upon a tiny bra boutique and went in out of curiosity. The women inside were wonderful. They asked if I had ever been fitted before, and I told them I was wearing 34B's. She said bluntly, "Sweetie, there is no way you are a 34 band. I wear 32's and I'm much wider than you." She pulled me into the back and after taking one look at my ill-fitting bra brought me a 28F Freya Jolie. I was shocked. I tried to give it back to her, saying "This looks way too small. Trust me, it won't even close." She laughed and told me to try it on. She helped me into the bra and, well, she was right. It fit a million times better than my old bra. I left that store with the Jolie and a newfound knowledge of how a bra should fit. My new bras improved my posture, made my clothes fit better, made my breasts look and feel better and truly increased my confidence. I actually had breasts, and they looked great!

     Since then, I have learned more about which bras fit me and which don't. I have even fullness, so tight upper sections sometimes cut in, but loose or stretchy upper sections sometimes gape, which can be very tricky. I need narrow wires, so I tend to stick to Freya as they have narrow wires and enough depth for my breasts, which aren't very shallow even though they are rather small. Nearly my entire bra wardrobe consists of unpadded and unlined bras as I have come to embrace my natural shape and the way these bras make me look. I am so glad I was properly sized and given the chance to change my view of bras and breasts. And even thought I am not a busty girl, I also benefited from properly fitting bras. Just because you aren't busty doesn't mean you should neglect your breasts! A well fitting bra will make your bust look larger (just look at my before and after!), firmer, well placed and naturally lovely. 

     Let's take a look at the side-by-side comparisons:

      You can see how the 28F underwire encases all of the breast whereas that of the 34B doesn't. Also, the 28 band lies much smoother even though it is snugger than the 34, and of course it stays horizontal. The shape of the breast is much more lifted and projected, making the breasts look bigger and shapelier.

   I'd like to thank TC for sharing her story with us. If you'd like to share yours, I'd love to have you! The "contact" button is on the top of the page, can't wait to hear from you!
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