Readers Bra Metamorphosis: 36A to 32E

     The Bra Metamorphosis is a series of posts that show photos of women before and after finding out their correct bra size. If you'd like to share your before and afters and inspire women to re-measure themselves, do contact me!
  R. sent me her before and after photos a while back, mentioning that she has seen an improvement in her back fat situation since she has started wearing a snugger band and bigger cups. I wanted to mention this post, which shows that contrary to expectations, snugger bands result in less back rolls than looser ones.
R writes:
"My photos show a big difference in the amount of ‘back-fat’ exhibited by ill-fitting and well-fitting bras, and I would be very happy if I could contribute in some way to your extremely helpful and informative blog.
  I’ve enclosed some pictures, and though the bra fit isn’t 100% great (I live in a tiny town and was lucky to get a bra near the right size) it does show the difference. I’ve also only been wearing the new bra for a week, but thought it would be a good idea to show that a difference is noticeable almost instantly. It should be noted that I am a bit overweight though!

Loose underbust-32.5”
Tight underbust-29.5”
Bending over bust- 38”
Standing Bust- 37”
Lying down bust- 26.6”

These measurements should put me at a 30F/32E (UK)"

Presence plunge 36A (UK) bra:

 32DD Reget by Janet Reger bra:

Debenhams Gorgeous polka dot spot bra in 32E: 
The reason for me wearing a wrong size is that my shopping center is very small and ill-stocked, and so I had to go with the next best thing!

   Even though the fit of the 32E is not perfect, the difference is already quite big! As far as I can guess from the photos, I think R's breasts are a bit shallow, and the bra cups are too deep. I'd seriously suggest that R tries soft (unpadded) cups, as the stiffer cups often mask fitting issues. Do you have any tips for R ?

   In a follow-up, R mentioned that "in the past month of wearing the 32DD I’ve had to alter it to make it fit because of the tissue migrating back to where it should be. I’ve had to adjust the band and wires, and it kind of shows how quickly the ‘back fat’ re-migrates."

   I'd like to thank R for sharing her metamorphosis with us. If you'd like to share yours, I'd love to have you! The "contact" button is on the top of the page, can't wait to hear from you!

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