Readers Bra Metamorphosis 75A to 75D

     The Bra Metamorphosis is a series of posts that show photos of women before and after finding out their correct bra size. If you'd like to share your before and afters and inspire women to re-measure themselves, do contact me!

    Hey everyone, it's time for another bra metamorphosis! This one is close to my heart because N. won her very first correctly-sized bra on the Ea Michalak giveway on this blog! I almost feel like a fairy godmother (ok, me and Ewa).
     Also, this is the story you should be forwarding to small-boobed friends and relatives who insist that they have too few boobage to bother with fancy bras. Also, this story includes the typical misunderstanding that smaller-chested women get when they are unsatisfied with the fit of their bras, aka "you don't need support / you don't have much boobage anyway". Fortunately N's story story has a happy ending:

Measurements: 76cm underbust tightly, 88cm overbust

   "I have shallow, very wide set breasts. Since I haven't been able to try different brands with different underwire width so far, I can't tell for sure, but I think I need medium to wide underwires, as my breasts tissue ends almost under my armpits. I also have a mild Pectus excavatum condition.

   When I bought my first bra in middle scool I wasn't even fitted, the lady in the store just looked at me and picked a 75A. Because of my size I thought the bra's only job was giving me a decent cleavage, so I used to purchase only push-ups. But my instead of lifting my breasts up and together, my firm tissue just pushed the bra away and down (giving a droopy shape to the breasts) and bulged under the armpits. Frustrated, I even wore AA bras, thinking that if the bra is small enough it will squeeze my breasts closer together and make them look "normal". When I complained about the cups being too close together on all models and the bras giving me armpit rolls (which now I know was actually because the cups were too small and underwires too narrow) I was told that I have "small breasts" and that "the fit is fine and I am not going to find anything better". The center gore never sat parallel to my chest because of my pectus excavatum and I was told this was "because my breasts were so much apart", so I always bought plunges, where the center gore stuck away from my chest for an inch, offering no support. I was never offered bigger cups, just bigger band sizes, if the underwires were uncomfortable. I used to be ashamed of my breasts and I thought that I must have weird, unusual breasts, because I don't fit into any bras "my size". I was also teased at school for being flat chested and I used to wear very revealing clothes, just to show that I actually have breasts.
    About a year and a half ago (I am 20 now) my breasts suddenly grew and the "sideboob" became even more obvious. I purchased some 80B bras (which I picked on my own, not even asking the saleslady) and surprisingly bigger cups did fit me! I even tried some C cup bras and realised that I was wearing too small cups. I mentioned my discovery to my mom, who laughed at me and told me that I have small breasts and to get over it. She has larger breasts and she never understood why am I fussing about bras, if I am small enough to wear tank tops and I "don't need support"! Angrily, I began searching information on the internet and I discovered Bra matrix on Venusian Glow blog and later other sites and communities about bra fitting. There were no proper bra brands available in my country (I wandered  around the bra butiques, the fitters all starred at me when I wanted 75D/70D bras and than they tried to put me in A/B), but I was lucky enough to win an Ewa Michalak giveaway on this blog, so I got my first 75D. The bra feels much  better than the smaller ones, my breasts sit in the cups instead of being squashed to the chest and the centre gore lies parallel to my chest. I still have a bit of space on the lower part because of the recession between my ribs, but it stays on its place and feels supportive. And I don't spill half of my breasts under my armpits!

   I used to consider my breasts very small, but realized that they are actually average, I just don't have a cleavage because of the pectus excavatum and because they are wide-set. I still feel quite uncomfortable about them, since I find them proportionally too small for my body. But since I have started wearing properly sized bras I started to like them more, as the bras don't make them appear droopy (like the push-ups did) and I don't have so much armpit rolls. I hope to find a nice soft cup bra and a plunge, that would work on my pectus excavatum, as I wear a lot of  deep-cut necklines and the higher bridge on my current correctly fitted bra peeks out of my shirts.
   I also hope to convince my mom that she is wearing too small cups and that her sagging breasts would look much better in a well-fitted bra.
   I am very grateful to all bloggers who put their effort into helping others break out of their badly fitting, uncomfortable bras!"

   Don't you think that the Milady bra looks gorgeous on N? I'd like to thank her for sharing her metamorphosis with us. If you'd like to share yours, I'd love to have you! The "contact" button is on the top of the page, can't wait to hear from you!

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