Yes, You Can Use Men's Razors

   An irritating beauty myth that I keep on seeing in women's magazines is never to use mens razors for shaving as they are "sharper and more dangerous" because a man's hair is thicker than woman's.

   This piece of "advice" is wrong on so many levels. Firstly, while female leg hair may be finer, the hair on the bikini line is usually as thick as a dude's facial hair (sorry for the visual this sentence gave you).
   Secondly, sharper blades are actually safer than duller ones. When kids are taught to properly handle knifes, the knifes should always be sharp rather than dull -- dull knifes mean you need to use more pressure to cut and there is a higher risk that the knife may slip. Sharp razor blades allow you to use a lighter touch and thus there is less risk of cutting yourself or getting razor burn.

   Secondly, I'm not even sure that men's razors are sharper. However I do know that women's razors are usually overpriced. As a teen I saved up money and bought a pretty pricey razor with a high-tech looking handle and a wiggly head, designed "especially for a woman's curves". I have also used small colourful ones that were apparently designed for the bikini zone. Guess what -- they don't give better results than regular disposable razors. They are just prettier, curvier and the ads probably cost more to make.
   Since years I have been using cheap disposable razors -- I just make sure they have double blades and that moisturising strip. If you have very sensitive skin or a tendency towards ingrowns, I have heard really good things about Gillette Mach 3. The one for men. The key to getting a good shave is  providing a good slip with a lubricant -- never shave without one! I use a gentle soap or a conditioner for this purpose.
   If you need extra tips, my post about doing your bikini line has some nice ones. And while we are on the topic of hair removal -- I know that IPL devices for home use have been very popular recently, but German ministry of health has issued warnings against them as they can raise the risk of skin cancer when improperly used. Fortunately, you can always epilate or try the magic wand. Also, you can choose to not remove your hair at all -- always remember that it's totally up to you which hair you want to keep or remove. Because.

    If you shave, which kind of razors work well for you? Do you prefer to use razors meant for women, or do you like the ones meant for guys?

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