Weekend Reads 07-07-2013

      Hi, how have you been and what have you been up to? I am nursing a sunburn because I didn't think to apply sunscreen to my back and shoulders for a theatre rehearsal that ended up happening partially outside. To make up for it, there was also a delightful street festival with all the charming little courtyards and gardens suddenly open to everyone and full of tables with people selling food, drinks, clothes... Love!

   About last week's challenge: my subconscious is a d*ck and I promptly forgot that I was supposed to schedule all those appointments. I remembered only on Friday evening, when it was obviously too late. Apparently I need to schedule scheduling appointments... I'm so embarrassed and I mean to do it next week.

   Next week's challenge will be to stack on bracelets! I have tons but I rarely wear them, and then only one or two. I love the fun look of a couple of artistically mismatched bracelets on the wrist. The week will be very warm, and bare arms are perfect for bangles!

On to the links:

* Home: I loved this story and am relieved that even design editors don't know anyone with home that looks like the ones in design magazines. Also, the book sounds good and I want it!

* Bras: Petite Pleniful is the new small-busted blog on the block!

* Bra fitting: if you ever wanted to have on compact page to print out with fitting directions, buying  guide and more, this is a good one.

* Body: Eating veggies is a healthier alternative to tanning. I can personally confirm that carrots and beetroots give you noticeable colours (in a good way) and keep the skin from looking greyish.

* Bloggers: 6 (More) Oddly Obvious Mistakes You Might Be Making Online -- I found this really sound advice!

* Music: Hey You, What Are You Listening To? is a seriously cool idea and a great way to discover new music. Plus, it's seriously funny how you can't match people's exterior to the kind of music they like!

* More bra fitting: I have been interviewed for this article on Lingerie Briefs about breast tissue migration. Do read the insightful comments as well.

* Book of the week: If you are interested in ancient civilisations, Aku-Aku is a great book in which Thor Heyerdahl (of Kon Tiki fame) searches for the secrets of the Easter Island. Plus, it's seriously funny in many places and reads like a story and not a scholarly teatries. Besides, Thor Heyerdahl is my hero.

So apparently your school maths teachers have kept the cool parts away from you. This is seriously cool, and the girl is adorable:

Check these out: