Weekend Reads 20-07-2013

      Hi everyone, have you been? I have been totally busy with my theatre rehearsals, and the premiere went really well! We have now a couple more performances before the summer pause.
      As for my challenge from the last before last week, I found out that I suck at matching bracelets, or maybe the bracelets that I have are not meant to be matched. Either way, i will stick to one-two pieces at a time.
     The coming week will be about tying loose ends together before the summer holidays -- there is a lot of stuff to do, so I won't be doing an additional challenge.

   On to the links for this week:

* Home: The AOSN method of decluttering

* Makeup: great tips on using a highlighter / concealer. You don't need to have that particular product they speak of, I personally use a lightly shimmery mineral base a couple of shades lighter than my own skin tone.

* Lol: How to always be on time

* Beauty: What a pretty fun French manicure!

* Hair: A great DIY hair mask.

* Brain: A hilarious science experiment

* Funny: I love CrackVids, and this one about Game Of Thrones is so funny! (spoilers of season 2). This one is good too.

* Movie of the week: If you liked Tintin, you'll enjoy the Secret of the Unicorn movie. The aesthetics of the comics are beautifully preserved, well-loved characters make unexpected appearances and there are delightful Easter-eggs hidden all over the place. The only criticism I have are the mindless and run-on-the-mill action scenes, during which I totally let my mind wander.

   Have a great day!

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