Why Evening Primrose Oil Is Amazing + How To Use It

   I want to show you my newest skin-care holy grail. This oil is my go-to product when I get breakouts, blocked pores or when my T-zone decides to be oilier than usual. Overnight it calms the problem area and I wake up with smooth and happy skin. But this oil can do more than that -- it is great for the hair and is also a healthy supplement.
   Evening primrose oil is one of the most valuable oils in skin care. It is very rich in GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) which increases the body's resistance and is anti-inflammatory. It can do wonders for the skin and hair, especially when taken as a supplement. Here is how you can use this wonderful oil:


   Evening primrose oil regulates the functioning of the oil glands, so it can help dry, combination or oily skin regulate itself and become normal. The oil helps the skin heal faster, and can be used to fight problems like acne, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and irritations or itching. It increases the skin's elasticity and fights wrinkles, and is great for mature skin as well. It also strengthens the nails.
   Primrose oil absorbs quickly and is not comodogenic (although what will block your pores and what won't is a highly individual matter), and the smell is almost non-discernible.

   You can use it pure on the face and body and massage it in; or add 5-15% to your moisturiser, serum or another oil. Bonus points if you remember to massage some into your nails!

As a supplement:

  Evening Primrose oil has many benefits (like helping with PMS), here I'll just mention the cosmetic ones: it helps against hair fall and speeds up hair growth; it also helps with too dry / too oily skin, acne, irritations; it is anti-aging and increases the skin's elasticity. It is also supposed balance out too a strong appetite and help the body to shed fat.
   If you want to take evening primrose oil as a supplement, consult your doc, check if there are any counter-indications or if it interacts with any medications that you are taking. You need to take the capsules for around a month to notice effects. Oh, and it is not very tasty.

      You can buy the oil in a bottle, like me or you can also buy it as a supplement -- you can open the ampoules to apply on the skin. I get my oil from the Hobbythek, but many countries it is not hard to get it online, or in health stores or drug stores. Do make sure what you are getting is pure evening primrose oil, cold pressed and preferably organic.

   Have you every tried evening primrose oil or a product that contains it? If not, I'd like to encourage you to try out this lovely oil.

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