Review: Wiesmann Tiffany 257 Balconnet 65E

  I went bra shopping in Krakow determined to buy Ewa Michalaks, and surprisingly came out with this gem of a bra. I had never even heard of the Wiesmann lingerie before, apparently they are a Polish brand that produce bras starting at 65 band, going up to K cup (in the smaller bands).
    It is not very easy to find well-fitting sheer cups, and balconette-cut at that. I am really happy with this bra, and will definitely consider Wiesmann when I buy bras in the future.

  My breast type: currently my measurements are 69/85. My breasts are tear-shaped (bottom-heavy) and rather wide-spaced; and broader at the root (I prefer wider underwires).

Aesthetics: 4/5

    The cups have two layers of lace, so the bra is quite transparent and has a light, airy look. The cups are embroidered in black flowery patterns and red flowers. The decoration between the cups harmonises really well with the flowers. The center of the lower edge is edged with lace
   I give it four stars because even though it is pretty, it doesn't sweep me away. But the I guess there is only so much you can do with a black lace bra.
   The shape it gives is not quite rounded, the breasts
and it pushes the breasts up ever so slightly. I love balcony-cuts for their "apples in a basket" effect.

Fit: 5/5

   This bra runs a cup size small! I went for a cup bigger than usual to get the correct fit.
   The band is rather snug, I got the 65(30) because it was the smallest band size they had, and am satisfied. However if you wear a bigger band size there is no need to go up a band size, since the band is not that tight.
   The top edges of the cups are edged with a thin elastic on the inside. I was afraid that it would cut into the breast, but it doesn't; and it stops the lace from sticking away at the top (a common problem with breasts that are not full on top).
   The underwires go up high in the front and poked me when I first tried the bra on, but the Brafitteria lady bent them for me (next week I'll who you how she did it). They have been very comfortable since.
   The straps are removable! I love this because I can switch them up and use a halter-neck strap for example. If you wear a smaller size you could also use the bra as a strapless, if you are not going to be jumping around too much.

Comfort: 5/5

   Absolutely no complaints there! After the wires had been bent away everything is perfect. The lace is comfortable too, nothing scratches.


   I would totally buy this bra again! This will definitely not be the last Wiesmann bra I will be trying on.

Wiesmann Tiffany 257 Balconnet Stats:

Band unstretched: 62
Band stretched to the maximum: 85cm
Underwire length: 24,5cm
Underwire width: 13,5cm (bent)
   These measurements have been taken after appx. 20 wears :)

Update: how to buy

   The Weissmann website doesn't say anything about international shipping, but google seems to throw up many of their bras in online stores of various countries, even as far as Philippines. US readers can check out LacyHint and Baroness, Priceminister for the French, shopalike for the Swiss, Yatego for the Germans, Stylishitalian for the Brits. Brandsfever (Singapore and around?) also seems to have Weissmann. Or just google!

Do any of you know anything about Wiesmann? What do you think of the lingerie on their website?

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