Help Me Test The Sizem App Bra Size Calculator

   Out of the hundreds of bra-size calculators barely a handful is reliable. Most still use the +4 method of calculating the band size which means I could wrap myself twice around with the band size they suggest. If your size is outside the 32-38 A-D range, many calculators will not be able to calculate it.

   Fortunately there are a couple of good calculators out there. I recently got contacted about a new one called Sizem, a startup project from Zagrzeb, Croatia. I tested it out and it overestimated the cup size a little, but the band size is spot on:

   I also liked the guide to measuring yourself (in case you want to know whether you should breathe in or out and whether to include the nipples). But before I give it my approval I need your help. I'd love to know whether the calculator works for you. Did it manage to calculate the size you are wearing?
  I'm especially interested about the feedback from those of you wearing larger band and / or cup sizes. These can be hard to calculate because the measuring method is 2D while breasts are 3D.

   Do let me know which size you wear, and which size the Sizem App gave you.

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