Weekend Reads 23-11-2013

  Hey everyone, I know there haven´t been any weekly linkups in a while. Life has been a bit busy personally, and I have had less time to be online. Luckily things are settling down and I have been creating more efficient routines, so I mean to return to doing Weekend Links regularly as well as to posting thrice a week.
   On the positive side I have started exercising, and work out at the gym as well as Aikido and Yoga. I´m really proud of this since in the past few years I have been a real couch potato. It is seriously embarrassing at my age to get out of breath when climbing stairs, and I want to do something about the situation. By starting now I will avoid being the embarrassing new-year-resolution starter when january comes. I picked the gym and the classes that take place at the Turn-verein  or "gymnast club" which is a very typical German thing. These are loved by elderly people (who are often quite fit in Germany) and kids, and obviously very "uncool", but I find they have a nice offer of interesting fitness classes and activities for a very small monthly membership (which means I can do as many classes as I want for no additional payment). (Is this a German thing or do you have something similar in your country?) And it´s very near my home, which means I skip classes much rarer. Oh, and they have a sauna for gym members :)

   Now, on to the links:

* As a parody of Fitspiration, Reddit created drunkspiration. More here.

* Also from reddit, the best intellectual jokes. On that bnote, this is pretty good too .

* Box? Check. Bag? Check. Female? Check.

* Uschi Obermaier is one of my style muses. I love her mane. The song "Summer Wine" is from the film 8 Miles High about her life, and I find it cool that she not only rejected prestigious modelling campaigns to drive around India in a truck, but that today she has a established career and identity.

* This was not what I expected form an Iranian street-style blog.

* 24 hours at Burning Man. Wow.

* What to do when you have made someone angry:

* The five languages of body love.

   What cool thing did you find on the internets this week? Or perhaps you wrote an awesome post? Do let me know in the comments.

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