Korean Bra Fitter Demonstrates Advanced "Scooping And Swooping"

   While browsing through Asian beauty tips, I stumbled upon this bra-fitting video from Korea (at least I think it is Korean based on this). What caught my eye was the way the fitter was scooping the migrated breast tissue into the cups.

   She scoops the tissue not only from the underarm area, but also from below the bra strap. Do watch the last bit of the video, the technique is really interesting. Obviously the girls there are quite slip and don't have much fat, while many of us have much on going on in that area. And if you have ever wondered whether this bit or that bit is migrated breast tissue or fat, then consider this: breast tissue is mostly fat. So you can always attempt to make it rejoin your boobs.

  Here is the video:

  Apparently this kind of scooping and swooping is linked to lymphatic massage.
In this image the girl scoops from the top of the shoulders, which activates the acupressure points below the collar bone.

   On a side note, I'm not a huge fan of the shape of the "after" bras, I hate the shape a prominent horizontal seam gives.
   If anyone of you understands Korean, I'd love to know what the fitter is saying.

   If you are new to this blog, this method will work only if your cups are big enough and your band is snug enough, so you might want to check this out. More about why breast tissue migrates and what to do about it is here.

   How does your own scooping and swooping routine look like? Have you ever had a lymph massage? Do you also think that the horizontal seam makes breasts look like duck beaks?

Source: Azjatycki Cukier

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