Weekend Reads 28-12-2013

   Hey everyone, how was your Christmas? I had a nice cozy one with tons of amazing food. Now I'm preparing to host a little New Year's Eve party at home with a couple of friends (I'm trying to make the best of being home-bound because of kids). I'm also in this end-of-the-year mood. Thinking about

Here is a couple of things you can do do wrap up your year:
* Think of five best things that happened this year
* five things you learned (whether skills or life lessons)
* and five new things you tried
* unclutter a room or a drawer
* think of the people who have been there for you this year
* do something nice for one of them
* do something nice for yourself. Buy yourself a gift, go for a leisurely walk, or spend an afternoon doing something you love.

  I'll be posting more ideas on how to wrap up this year and start the new year on the facebook page.

On for the last weekend links of the year!

* I loved these tips to make this life saner.

* The last sworn virgins of Albania. Fascinating!

* A really interesting article on different types of cost. A must-read for everyone trying to manage their spending better.

* If you have been looking for interesting men's style blogs, here are some great ones.

* Who is a Parisienne? Interesting.

* Those of you with kids will enjoy this.

* Germans trying to pronounce "squirrel". Ha ha!

* Everything you wanted to know about the deep web.

* Cate Blanchet's unworthy critic talks about how unequipped most of us are when it comes to critiquing fashion, and also made me fall in love with Balenciaga.

* Glass vases from the flea market make for chic makeup storage.

* The funniest reviews of Amazon.

    I wish you "a good slide" (into the new year, as they say in Germany. How do New Year wishes sound like in your corner of the world?

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