Tuned-down Boho Style {Fashion & Interior Inspiration}

Simple boho. Isn't than an oxymoron?
     Bohemian is a style that appears prominently on my Pinterest pins, but not in my real life. It is too maximalistic, too fussy, too flashy. My dressing sense is a bit more urban, ladylike; and I prefer my small and un-minimalistic home to look light, airy and calm. It's hard to work Boho into it. I'm also wary of the Hippie look which looks a bit too scruffy and faded to my eye, and also with all my years of living in India and my green-crunchy life style I am already at risk of being classified as a Hippie. (I've got nothing against Hippies, they are lovely people, it's just not "my thing".)
    Yet I am so drawn to the exotic colours of the Bomehian style, the warmth and vibrancy and the richness. Traditional patterns and workmanship from far-off cultures. It ties in strongly reflects my wanderlust and my interest in other cultures. And as me and my husband both have roots in other cultures and have lived in several different parts of the world, many of the items and patterns are meaningful to me. I do own many boho items: pretty fabrics, jewelry, embroidered clothes, masks and figures and whatnot. Yet I seem to be at loss at how to incorporate them into my wardrobe and my home.
   So I started browsing Pinterest for images of a simple, minimalistic boho style. Modern boho. Minimalistic boho. Bohemian combined with rustic, with industrial, with rock, with classic elements. this is what turned up:

  There are several ways of making bohemnian, gypsy and tribal look calm, simple and even minimalistic. You can stick to small doses and splashes of vibrant elements: a couple of cushions or a throw; or just a bag or a statement necklace.

via ILoveBornToBeWild

via Emmadine

via ana-lopo  

via Etsy

    You can use contrast, combining rich and exuberant pieces with tougher, simple items, or classic pieces. Think gypsy elements with white walls and organic wood; a beaded jacket with black (p)leather trousers, industrial furniture.

via Etsy
via ThatBohemianGirl
via Colormuse

via TheBerry

   Or you can choose bohemian pieces that are by themselves simple. Either simple metallic geometric jewellery, or very delicate dreamy pieces. Rich patterns in either neutral or subdued colours. Or just stick to a monochrome palette.

via Style-Files

via ThatBohemianGirl

mage: Westelm, via Stylzimoblog  

My point is: you can use gypsy, bohemian and ethnic elements in many different ways. You can make it elegant. You can make it tough. You can make it simple. Have fun! I'm off to make my own boho pieces work.

   What's your favourite way of using boho elements in your home and in your outfits?

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