Weekend Reads 25-01-2014

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  How have you all been? I'm still continuing the projects I mentioned last week. Veganism has been easy so far, but then I haven't been invited to eat at anybody's house yet. I'm still fixing a thing a day and am quite happy with all the bags, jewellery and clothes I have reclaimed. I'm getting to the end of the Apartment Therapy Home Cure and I really recommend it. I also have the book, and it suddenly made sense when I read that the author has been a Waldorf teacher: the Waldorf kindergarten rooms are the most warm and welcoming spaces that I know, and at the same time really well-thought out and practical. Anyway, the Apartment Therapy book and the online cure both place a lot of emphasis on making the home work for you and on making it warm and welcoming. The exercises provide impulses and insights rather than laying out all the rules.
  I also report that my back problems ended up in visits to an Osteopath, and the experience has been amazing. Not only is are the sessions extremely nice (I always doze off), but I have zero back pain and a much better posture. Oh, and I feel calmer and happier for a week or so after every session.

Onward to the links! Here is the great stuff I have been reading this week:

* What if we lived in a body-blind world

* Really good tips on taking outfit photos, or just photos of people in general.

* I really liked these beauty tips!

* Ha ha.

* How to dress for your body shape, also long and short torso are nicely explained.

* Really interesting article about the history of modern makeup. I'll never walk indifferently by a Max Factor stand again!

* I like the idea of a fashion emergency kit.

* I really enjoyed this motherhood around the world series.

* Observing the 2nd amendment.

* After My Yahoo rolled out it's clunky, horrible new version, I looked for alternatives and fell in love with Netvibes. If you have never used an RSS reader before, it is a great way to have all the newest posts of your favourite blogs in one place, instead of having to go to each blog and see if a new post is up. Here is a nice explanation of reading blogs via RSS readers. You can even make feeds out of Ebay searches! (just add &_rss=1 at the end of the URL and press enter).

  That's all folks!

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