Finding Your Best Eyebrow Shape

   Eyes are taking up the spotlight these days and makeup is all about lashes and eyebrows. The eyebrows can drastically change the face. Here is my guide to brows:

Myth #1: there is a perfect eyebrow shape for everybody

Eyebrows are like frames, and the perfect frame depends upon what it is you want to frame. There is no universally flattering eyebrow shape because everybody's features are different. Audrey Hepburn, Cara Delavigne, Jennifer Connely are some examples of stunning and flattering brows that don't follow the classic shape.

Myth#2: there is one perfect eyebrow shape for each person:

   Loretta is a perfect example of how one person can look good in many different brow styles. It is also interesting how age and trends influence our perception of which eyebrows look good. Updating her eyebrow shape kept her look current. For example right now is the decade of the strong brows, and anything too over-plucked can easily look dated if not done right.

   I have had different eyebrow shapes over the years because I have bountiful eyebrows that give me a lot of room for experimentation (thanks, Hungarian great-grandma). The most important thing I have learned is not to isolate the eyebrows when choosing a shape for them, but to take in the whole face into account. For example I love thinner arches and they work with my eyes, but they make my face look bottom-heavy, and not in a good way.
     I don't have any short-cuts to finding your perfect eyebrow shape. You can go to a professional and take photos of their work. But be sure that you like their style of work first. Or you can experiment around. Try photoshop, eyebrow stencils, or just freehand experimentation. I've had my eyebrows in many different shapes and I'm finally starting to figure out what flatters my face. Or try Michelle Phan's trick of using a concealer to faux-pluck your brows before you actually pluck them. Remember to take photos and compare them. You can find some ideas and inspirations on this site.
   And remember: the perfect eyebrow shape is the ones that makes people want to look at your eyes (and not at the brows themselves).

   Next week I will talk about tweezing techniques and eyebrow makeup. In the meanwhile, I'd love to know your feelings about the strong eyebrows we've been seeing lately. I love them because mine are naturally strong and look good that way, but I'm suspecting they will seem ridiculously dramatic to us in a decade or so. Do you agree?
photo credit: ananyah.COM via photopin cc

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