Poll: Do You Own More Colourful Bras Or More Neutrals?

Colourful or neutral bras?

   When going through my bra drawer I was shocked to realise that most of my bras are either nude or black. I currently own only three colourful bras. Me, who normally dresses brightly, wear flowers in my hair, and consider red to be my neutral.
    After the surprise wore of, I realise that it is my love for light summer clothes that landed me with a drawer full of neutral lingerie. What do I wear under all my summer whites? Beige. Sheers? Beige or black. Clothes where the bra may peek out of the armholes? Black. Clingy fabric? any kind of seamless bra, and these usually come in, you guessed it, nude or black. And then come the strapless items, and anything with a very broad or difficult neck-line, and dressier items on thin shoulder straps. These require a strapless bra, and these almost always come in black or nude.
    As it happened, my size changed over the summer so I compiled my new bra collection during the warm months. When winter came, I suddenly realise I could wear all the wild colours, ruffles, and ribbons most of the time. Could. Because the only wild thing in my drawer was the turquoise Curvy Kate Thrill Me set.
      The positive thing about it all is that I have the excuse to buy a couple of colourful items, I'd really love to own some neon-coloured stuff, and I am thinking to convert one of my black T-shirt bras into a cage bra.

   I'm really curious how colourful are your bra drawers. Take a look into your lingerie drawer right now, and count how much colourful items you own, and how many neutrals (skin tone, white and black). Only bras that are in your current size and that you actually wear count.

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