Weekend Reads 08-02-2014


    Hello lovely people, how have you been? I realised right now that I am feeling really good, considering the time of the year it is. I always get bad winter blues, and this year all I have is a very light low. I'm chalking it all up to physical activity, and am really grateful for it. Working out does take several hours out of my week, but I'm actually much more productive because I have more mental and physical energy, and more motivation. So yay! I bullied the fitness instructor at my gym to teach me how to use weights and lunges, and as a result I have jelly legs and really sore muscles. it kind of feels good.

* Amazing, body-positive fitspo by fellow bra-fitting blogger MissShapen. Also, she makes me want to get a Panache Sports bra, even though I already have one.

* How to fix fraying pleather bag straps.

* 12 things every home should have.

* Best-of images from Humans Of New York.

* Coffee scrubs are amazing. You can simply use grounds + body wash or moisturiser; but if you want to go fancier, here is a lovely recipe and tips from a coffee expert.

* I loved this girl's makeup secrets.

* The truth behind weight-loss before-and-after photos.

* 100 years of breed "improvement".

* I loved Sarah's advice on smart things to do with your old blog posts.

* I loved the Bag-Batch-Barter-Better advice here.

  Over to you. What caught your eye this week?

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