Breast Diversity in Game Of Thrones


   Most of the boobs that an average woman sees are on screens, a fact that I have already lamented about. These boobs seem to be picked according to certain standards, it's almost as if a certain boob style is in fashion right now. Oh wait, that's actually accurate. Anyway, HBO seems to be deviating from the Pretty Screenworthy Body standards, as demonstrated by nude Lena Dunham in Girls, and the variety of boobs in Game of Thrones. As normal and non-glamorous Lenas's body may be, her boobs are pretty much mainstream standard. So let's talk about Game of Thrones.

   For those of you who haven't seen it, GoT is really good fantasy series. Even my husband who is so not a fantasy guy, is addicted to GoT. GoT has got interesting characters, really engrossing story line, too much gory for my taste, and boobs. Lots of boobs. An average of 5.6 boobs per episode.

    Though at first glance GoT shows much more boob diversity than most shows, I noticed that most of the characters are on the small busted side. Even though the sampling size is small (har), you will notice that small breasts aren't necessarily front-and-centered, and naturally don't form a cleavage line, no matter what Victoria's Secret ads might tell you. For those of you who aren's sure what "bottom heavy" means, Margaery has such breasts.

   The only example of very small breasts that I remember is the Captain's daughter on that ship to Pike whom Theon seduces. Bigger breasts are also under represented. Ros comes to mind, who also happens to be a burlesque performer in real life, and fortunately her boobs are not one of those gravity-defying kind but naturally soft and droopy.
    Coming on to fake: prosthetic breasts have been used in Game of Thrones, for example for the pregnant Melissandre or on Lisa Arryn (probably to not traumatize that kid actor.

  This brought up some questions: who decides which actress has boobage that is mainstream enough for topless scenes? Are actresses with breast size and shape that differs from the one accepted by the media, more hesitant to topless scenes?

  One more reason why I love Game Of Thrones is: I don't see any badly fitted bras. You don't want to know how often I spoil sexy scenes in other movies by yelling "that bra doesn't fit her!"

  Do you watch Game Of Thrones? How do you feel about the boobs all over the place?

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