Going To France, Need Your Tips!

via Sodahead

   Hey everyone, I am finally going for a long overdue family holiday. I will spend a week or two around Marseilles, and I'm so excited! Even though I'm more of a backpacker+culture traveller, I still love to pick up a couple of cosmetic products when I'm abroad. I brought back saffron soaps and Hammam scrubbing gloves from Turkey, Joanna leave-in rinses and Kallos Latte from Poland. However always when I'm back home, I always find out about all the amazing stuff I could have gotten but didn't know about. So, I thought I would ask you for ideas, and later on collect them into a post which might be useful for travelling beauty addicts.
    What should I absolutely buy? Where can I get it? I like to spend up to 15€ for skin and hair products and up to 10€ for makeup, though I have been know to spend more for really good stuff. Also, does anyone know if Cattier is cheaper in France? I love their micellar cleanser and their clay masques, and would like to try their other products if they were a tad cheaper.
    Of course any other tips for Marseilles and around would be great! Where is the best chocolate? Any cute stores or whimsical cafes you recommend? Interesting day trips? What do I wear to not stand out to much?
  And, very important: what would a French person like to get as a gift from Germany?
   Also, does France have any good drugstore-chains, something like DM in Germany?
   A confession: I am terrified of the French language because I still cannot speak or understand the spoken version after learning it for three years.
   I'm looking forward to your tips!!

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