Weekend Reads 15-03-2014


Hello everyone! I hope you've al had a nice week. I'll keep it short today and go straight to the great links for this week:

* This lady does her own brazilian waxes at home, and tells you how.

* How to fit your shoes into your outfit

* If you own a smartphone, you might want to read this.Because of this I don't have the Facebook app, I access Facebook via the browser.

* I loved Housecleaning for artists, creatives, ADHD-ers and ENFPs!

* Seriously cute comics about introverts.

* Find the fish that live  in the very deep parts of the ocean fascinating, so I totally loved this TED talk.

* If you want good lighting at your makeup table, your home or your photography corner, you need to know your Kelvins.

* It seems that a lot of people don't seem to know that breasts can change shape according to the position you are sitting in, so this lady made this small demonstration (NSFW).

* Mesmerising (and sometimes hilarious) photographs of dancers. Going about their daily life... or not? The dude in the shower kills it. And no, this is not photoshop, dancers can really leap like this.

And finally, something to melt even the coldest, blackest hearts:

Check these out: