DIY Simple Aloe Vera Hair Rinse For Moisture And Shine

   Today I'd like to show you how to make a lot ridiculously simple super-moisturising hair rinse. I wrote a bit about rinses here, this is simply some kind of liquid which you use as the last rinse when you wash your hair (you don't wash out the rinse). Depending on the ingredients, rinses can give your hair volume, weight, shine, moisture, cut down frizz, lighten or darken the hair, and much more. Today I want to show you how to make a very simple rinse with aloe vera juice that will moisturise your hair. Aloe vera is super moisturising, plus it is acidic so it will close the hair cuticles which makes the hair shine. It also enhances the curl in curly and wavy hair.
  If you don't like the effect on the hair, you can always try adding the aloe vera juice to shampoo, conditioners, as a scalp treatment, face masques or drinking it.

You need: 

   Aloe vera juice. It should be as pure as possible, with no or almost no additives and conservants. You can usually get this at health shops or apothecaries. I get mine from the Norma, it's organic and affordable.
   Aloe vera gel contains thickening agents so it sill work differently (probably stiffening the hair), but you can try it if you don't have access to aloe vera juice. Of course you can also use fresh aloe vera, although I don't have any tips for extracting the gel (squeeze? soak? blend? no idea) -- if you do this please let me know how you did it and what the effects are.
   You also need water. If your water is very hard, you might want to boil it first (let it cool down) to get rid of the excess calcium. You can also use demineralised water (from a gas station) or distilled water.

How to:

   Add one part of aloe vera juice to two parts water.
   The rinse can make the hair slightly stiff, which is good new for those of you with hard-to-control hair. If you want to avoid the effect, add a dash of vinegar or lemon juice, or use less aloe, or rinse the hair afterwards.

How to use: 

   Wash and rinse hair as usual. Pour the hair rinse over your hair, alternatively you can also dip your hair into a bowl with the rinse. Towel dry.

How to tune the aloe vera hair rinse:

    I suggest you first try the simple water+aloe version a few times and see how your hair likes it. After that you can try to tune the rinse. Here are some ideas, though I'm sure you can come up with more:
* Use a herbal tea instead of water. Choose the herbs according to their properties.
* Add a few drops of essential oils for a nice scent.
* Add a few drops of a light oil to add more weight and cut down frizz. Mix very vigorously to mix the oil droplet with the water.
* Use panthenol, honey, hyaluronan or urea for even more moisture.
* Add a plant extract.
* Add a hydrolate.

   I'm sure you can think of more! However in my experience it is best to keep it simple. More definitely isn't better, and often a 2-3 ingredient product works best.

   Do let me know if you try this simple aloe-vera hair rinse. Also, do you use aloe vera in any other part of your beauty routine?

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