Weekend Reads 28-03-2014


Hey everyone, I hope you have been having a great week! In Germany it's the time of Fasching, which means carnival. Last Thursday was "women Fasching" where gangs of females roam the streets and cut off the neckties of men. Other Fasching traditions include stuffing your face with Krapfen (which I can't stand the taste of after an incident where I ate ten in one sitting), carting of your kids to the obligatory kid's ball, and attending more or less embarrassing Fasching partes. I'm going as Frida Kahlo, who is on of my favourite artists. I'm even trying to regrow my monobrow, which I haven't seen since I entered my teens. I have got a contour shading palette from Buyincoins, and plan to use it to contour my face to make it a bit more Frida-esque.

On to the links for the weekend:

* The image on the top of the post is from the amazing Jim Benton. Check out more of his work here.

*  If you seem to own lots of scarves but never wear them, you'll love this exercise to help you find "your" scarf type.

* The beautiful Jemima Kirke (Jessa from HBO Girls) talks about the invisible female artists.

* Things fitting perfectly into other things is oddly satisfying.

* Movie of the week: Frida. I like to get to know artists and their art through books or movies. The movie is passionate, and Frida's paintings are beautifully woven into the visuals. The music gives me goosebumps, especially the song La Llorona by Chavela Vargas (the bar scene).

Check these out: