Depotting Unwieldy Pallettes: The Make Brows Wow Palette Moves To The ELF Custom Compact

    After doing the photos for the last eyebrow makeup post I realised that the eyeshadow I had been using so far was a tad too reddish for my taste. So I decided to get the Make Brows WOW palette from Essence, as it has gotten positive reviews. Three brow powders and one highlighter, with quite good staying power. What I didn't like is that the box was quite big and bulky, which annoys me as I have quite limited space for my makeup stuff. I decided to do something about it.
    A while back I had bought the custom compact from E.L.F., but never used it. Now was the time for it to shine. It is smaller and much flatter than the how to make brows wow palette, and it has a bigger mirror. I really love the E.L.F. custom compact and will definitely order more in the future, and the price is just amazing at 1€. You can also use an old or unloved compact or palette, or even a CD case, a small candy tin, or just about anything you want.

Here a comparison of the two cases:

    The E.L.F. custom palette has a kind of form for round shadows, but it can be easily pried out, I did it with my fingers and I came out very easily. The bottom is lined with a metal sheet, which can also be removed.
   Then I got to prying up the pans of the Make Brows Wow makeup box. The best way to do this is very slowly and carefully, otherwise you bend the aluminium bottoms of the bans and that is when the pressed powder cracks. The best way to do it is with a knife, from a very flat angle. I was a bit impatient and my first two shadows cracked (I could have easily avoided it if I were a bit slower). This is very easy to fix though, I simply put some clear plastic over it and pressed it down with my finger.

I placed the pots into the new palette. Some pans had glue at the bottom so I just placed them into the new palette. For others you can use either regular glue, or glue dots or double-sided tape /stickers, or if you want to be really modular you can glue dynamo magnets or flat magnet stickers to the pans. As you see I have plenty of space left so I can add brow powders or eyeshadow in the future if I want to.

And this is what my new eyebrow powder palette looks like:

   The little tweezers and brush still fit in as well, though they are not very good tools (this goes for most brushes that you get inside makeup palettes).
Pro tip: for future reference, write the name of the shadow (brand, number or name) on the bottom of the pans with a permanent marker.

Review of the Make brows WOW palette:

   The pigmentation is medium, even a bit on the light side. The staying power is good, and the powders are easy to apply. The darkest brown is neutral, I feel it is the same tone as in the Essence brow stylist palette for brunettes. The medium tone is rather reddish. The light one meant for blondes is a really nice shade that is neither to cool nor too warm. the highlighter, which is meant to go below and above the brows, is very subtle and has very very subtle glitter particles. It is a bit too cool for me.
   For swatches and accurate photos of the colours I'll direct you to this post on Innen und Aussen, as my camera is not cooperating with me at the moment.
   As the shades are very matte (except the highlighter), they can also be used as eyeshadows. I have applied the darkest brow as an eyeliner and like the look very much.

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