The Unexpected Effects Of Staying Fit

The Surprising Effects Of Staying Fit

   You have probably gathered from past posts that I have been working out regularly in the past couple of months. Vanity and health were my main motivations (in that order), I wanted to lose body fat and have more energy and endurance. The first three days were hard (everything gets better after three days), and after that I started enjoying my time at the gym. My goals shifted, and I suddenly realised that being active had surprising benefits:

* I can dance all night long. When I went dancing with friends, they had to take pauses to rest, while I could move non-stop. It was morning when my feet started getting tired.

* Firmer everything. Firmness is the first effect I noticed: everything feels lifted, harder.

* I'm stronger. And it feels great.

* I'm feeling more comfortable in my body. Working out gives me a serious boost in the self-image department. And I mean the actual exercise, not the effects.

* My bike got a lot lighter. I have to store it in the cellar, and carrying it up the stairs suddenly got a lot easier.

* Shift in body-related goals and wishes. Suddenly what my body can do has become as important as what it looks like. I also love looking at people who can do cool stuff with their bodies.

* Shift in body appreciation. I appreciate stronger, more muscular bodies more than I used to. Because those bodies can do awesome stuff.

* No winter blues. I have stopped taking my St. John's Wort supplement a long time back because I didn't need it any more. And I have been feeling really well. Granted it´s been a mild winter, but still.

   Just to clarify: I was always getting some movement, for example I walk a lot since I don't own a car. However it's the more intensive kind where my heartbeat rises and I break out into sweat that does the magic. I really want to make this a habit, a non-negotiable part of my lifestyle.

  Over to you: what is your favourite effect of staying active?

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