Cosmetic Favourites January 2014: Catrice Camouflage, Shoenberger Shampoo, Catrice Magic Lipstick, Kajal,

  Hello everyone, in the last weeks I have been testing several new products. Here are the ones that impressed me the most:


Catrice Ultimate Lip Glow

  Magic Lipstick: one colour fits all -- you have probably seen this gimmicky product in the 90s. They seem to be getting popular again, as this one from Catrice is not the only one I spotted on cosmetic shelves. It changes according to your lip colour and it's a great product if you have a hard time figuring out which colours suit you. On me this one from Catrice turns into the pinkest shade that still looks good on my warm complexion.



Catrice Camouflage Cream

   The best concealer I have found so far. It covers really well, and only a very little bit is enough to cover dark circles and discolourations. In fact the concealer is rather thick and heavy, so you have to apply just a thin layer to make it look natural. Also excellent for spot-concealing on very small areas (I use a lip brush for that). The best thing about is that it doesn't settle into the lines in the under-eye area. It is very easy to apply and blend with the fingers or with a brush. I use the 02 for my face, and want to buy the 01 for the under-eye area.


P2 Impressive Gel Kajal in Dramatic Brown

   This Kajal is soft and very easy to apply, you get quite clearly defined lines. It can be blended and smudged very nicely. Once it dries it doesn't smudge and stays in place all day. The colour is chocolate, very slightly on the warm side but practically neutral (unless your skin tone is really cool).


Schoenberger Shampoo Bio Granatapfel

   If you do need a shampoo with sulfates from time to time, this is a nice and gentle one. It cleanses the hair well without drying it out, and leaves the hair soft and moisturised I use it on my scalp and not on the ends, since I use the conditioner-shampoo-conditioner method. Since it contains sulphates, I use once every week or two for a more thorough cleansing. The shampoo is BDIH certified organic.


M.Magi Flash Flash Instant Manicure

   I picked this up at a spa day, it was love at first try. It is a mixture of oils, sea salt and pulverised precious stones that moisturises and exfoliates your hands. You rub it all over your hands, wash off with just water and towel-dry. It leaves my hands so amazingly smooth that I checked four times to make sure that there aren't silicones in there. But nope, it's just plant oils. At 10€ it's rather pricey, so I plan to do a DIY version once I've finished up the bottle.

  Over to you: which cosmetic products have impressed you this spring?

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